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Unveiling the Secrets of Successful Keynote Speaker Booking: Insights from a Meeting Planner To learn more about booking a keynote speaker tailored to your event’s specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team is ready to provide expert guidance and help make your next event an unforgettable success. A Meeting Planner’s Perspective […]

  • Author: WeSpeak Global
Craig Wing - New Years resolutions

It’s that time of the year for New Years resolutions again, where most of us put together a comprehensive list of resolutions and goals to be a better version of ourselves by thinking what we would ideally look like in the future: lose weight, get fitter, be a better spouse, etc and Why New Years’ […]

  • Author: Craig Wing

Virtual Programming: Let TV personality and online content wiz Tan France help you Boost Your Business   In his new Facebook Watch show Boost My Business, TV personality and entrepreneur TAN FRANCE aims to help businesses recover, thrive in a new normal, and embrace digital tools to connect to their online communities.   In each episode, Tan meets with small […]

  • Author: Tan France
Brenda Viola

The Survival Guide, originally written for overworked and underappreciated public servants, offers ten checkpoints that signal burnout. After sharing this popular workshop based on the book with audiences filled with clerks, librarians, planners, firefighters, administrators, and many other municipal groups, the private sector came calling. Who cares about Public Servants and a The Survival Guide? Why? Because […]

  • Author: Brenda Viola
rob caskie

28 DECEMBER 2021 ~ ST ANDREWS BAY, STROMNESS AND LEITH STATIONS by Rob Caskie “South Georgia is for those who grew up dreaming of a Garden of Eden, where you walk unharmed among abundant and fearless wildlife in a beautiful wilderness – an oasis of serenity in a world increasingly out of step with Nature.” […]

  • Author: Rob Caskie

Mastering Success: The Art of Business Strategy Speakers Introduction In the dynamic world of business, success is not merely the result of chance or luck but the outcome of strategic planning, innovation, and relentless determination. Business strategy speakers serve as beacons of inspiration and wisdom, guiding organizations and individuals through the complexities of the corporate […]

  • Author: WeSpeak Global

Be prepared for Remote Selling – How to Become A Technical Set Up Boss As any Boy Scout (or Girl Guide for that matter) knows, you should always be prepared – in fact that is the global motto for the Boy Scouts and one that I feel should be adopted by all business professionals as […]

  • Author: Shelley Walters
Karolina Sky

The inflexibility of the demands you place on yourself can make you unadaptable and Are You Making Demands. Our thoughts and beliefs shape the world that we live in. The inflexibility of the demands you place on yourself, other people and the world around you may mean that you don’t adapt as well to reality […]

  • Author: Karolina Sky
What is the best

Guide to Making Decisions can be daunting (just choosing a type of peanut butter in the grocery store can be a mammoth task), yet if we are to move forward in life and business we need to make decisions, and we need to make good ones if we are to navigate this chaotic world properly. In […]

  • Author: Pierre du Plessis

Let’s be honest, when it comes to sex, sexual intimacy and relationships, there are multiple views as to what is acceptable, how many times a week we should be doing it, how many partners we have had in the past and whether we should disclose this or keep our skeletons in the closet.   Statistics […]

  • Author: Paula Quinsee
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This week in my 3 minute leadership roles with Jones  Zone, I talk about the importance in finding balance between Humility and Ambition. Why You Need To Be More Humbitious In Your Approach To Leadership Contact Us at WeSpeak Global and follow us on Twitter

  • Author: Jones Loflin
Joey Evans

How Joey Evans Went From Paraplegic To Dakar and In October 2007, a devastating off-road bike accident left Joey Evans paralysed from the chest down. Ten years later, he achieved his dream of finishing the 2017 Dakar Rally on a motorbike. This is the story of the power of grit, determination, and following crazy, audacious […]

  • Author: Joey Evans
WS Logo 512

LONG LIVE THE COMFORT ZONE. It’s been getting a bad rap for years! Popular activities for team-building include exercises to help teams think outside the box, workshops that force us outside our comfort zones, seminars are designed to inspire attendees to embrace discomfort in the name of personal growth … the list goes on. As […]

  • Author: Juanita Vorster
Noah St. John

What does it mean to be an inspiring leader? An inspirational leader is someone that people follow, if you’re a leader and nobody’s following you, you’re not really a leader or you lack leadership skills. Think of the world’s most inspiring leaders, who are inspiring leaders throughout history?   What does it mean to be an inspiring leader? An inspiring leader is someone […]

  • Author: Noah St. John
Chris Bertish

Chris Bertish- Captains Log 7th July is Shifting gears mentally! Finally getting to this point where you are comfortable with yourself, your position, and the craft– that’s a huge milestone. No leaks, all my main key systems are still functioning properly- Chart-plotter/ AIS/ water maker/ GPS/ Autopilot & Satellite coms….even though I have implemented a […]

  • Author: Chris Bertish
Brent Lindeque

New York, USA (24 March 2022) – The endangered black rhino in South Africa will receive extraordinary help from Wall Street with a new “Rhino Bond” that will only increase in value as the animal’s population increases! The pilot project has already been backed by the Washington-based lender which has issued a $150 million loan (over R2 […]

  • Author: Brent Lindeque
Adam Markel | Change Proof Podcast

Practice These Resilient Skills to becoming a Resilient Leader When my friend Petra was diagnosed with cancer, not once, but twice, life gave her no choice but to be strong. When she went into remission for the second time, she decided she was going to wake people up to the precious gift of time. Through […]

  • Author: Adam Markel
Lessons in building business

A framework from my book Humancentric for how to create Relationship and Intelligence in businesses in the fourth industrial revolution. How do we focus more on people than technology? When we do our research behind all of the aspects of business, we need to focus on the context we are in, the relationships around that […]

  • Author: Mike Saunders
paddy upton | Lessons From The Worlds Best

The invaluable lesson ‘Exposure’ was one of the significant events that rolled into town with the covid circus. The carpet was pulled back to expose things like pre-existing leadership ineptitude, business weaknesses and relationship flaws. Unhappy employees became unhappier. Unhappy couples separated. Unhappy clients cut ties. The character of political leadership was revealed. Two areas […]

  • Author: Paddy Upton
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BEING MINDFUL OF MINDSETS and The Power of a Growth Mindset by Grant Driver In July 2019, I experienced one of the most significant and yet most daunting moments of my career as a professional speaker.  I had been invited by Discovery Healthcare to present a 3-hour workshop to thirty Neurosurgeons on my research into […]

  • Author: Grant Driver
Rick Lewis

Start Training to Live the Real You and The Ability to Feel Confident in the Midst of Life’s Challenges Takes Practice Why is practicing for life’s challenges so important? We are biologically designed to access great stores of energy when things matter. It’s how we’ve survived as a species. Life and death circumstances require great […]

  • Author: Rick Lewis