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We all want to sell something: but now through my How to sell Authentically Course?

a product, a business idea, a service, a lifestyle, a concept, a passion project…

In this How to sell Authentically course you will gain the CONFIDENCE to sell ANYTHING by being YOURSELF. After building a brand that has reached millions of people worldwide, I want to share EVERYTHING I know to help you (or your business) become who you’re meant to be. I’ll be sharing my step-by-step

Over 14 hours of content that is fun to watch, easy to digest and instantly applicable to your brand

How to sell Authentically Course

This module will tackle all those mental barriers that are holding us back from putting ourselves out there. We will re-wire our brains to turn perceived obstacles into opportunities and build for ourselves a world of endless possibilities

Becoming my authentic self is what brought me where I am today. I decided to follow my own lead, and hey, look where that got me! I want to teach you the tools to uncover who you already are, own it and double down on yourself (this is my favorite class and it will be yours as well, the subject is… YOU)

Once you are comfortable with who you are, AS YOU ARE, we are going to be defining your values, your USP (unique selling proposition) and your tone. I will teach you everything I learned in my masters in branding and how to apply that to brand YOURSELF, in a way that only YOU can own it and How to sell Authentically.

Building a loyal social media following has provided me with a platform to share ideas, learn from others, test initiatives, and promote products and services I deeply believe in. The most important thing is to create the right kind of content to attract the right kind of audience. This is where you’ll learn all the ways to add value, and how to craft the perfect post.

This class will be all about GROWING your social media following. It is what will help you scale your brand, your business and your impact in this world. I’m currently at 130k followers, so I may know a thing or two!

This module will give you the tools and the hacks to confidently talk about your product and business opportunity without sounding salesy. After all, you genuinely believe in what you’re doing. It’s just a matter of drawing people’s attention instead of having to annoyingly beg for it after your learn how to sell Authentically Course.

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Learning Points

  • How to strategically develop your PERSONAL BRAND to reach and resonate with your ideal audience
  • How to leverage social media to build an ENGAGED COMMUNITY and grow it organically
  • How to earn your community’s trust and MONETIZE your content creation efforts
  • How to effectively COMMUNICATE your ideas and leave people craving for more
  • How to HUMANIZE your brand, and INSPIRE others through your story and message

Bonus material
If you buy this program you will also get:


  • 100-Day project webinar
  • I created a 1-hour webinar to teach you how to create your own 100-Day project and be successful at it! You will receive access to this webinar at the end of the program so you can put everything you learned into action!
  • Design class with MY designer!
  • My designer, @sophionpaper, created an extra class to teach you what she knows about color, typography, design elements, hacks, tips, ideas and basic design knowledge that can take anyone’s visuals to the next level!

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