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BE RESILIENT Online Course

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BE RESILIENT is a course specifically designed to help YOU confront your fear, renounce routine and resignation, and trade “okay and getting by” for a bigger YES!

YES, gives you the courage to take a chance, to step out of your comfort zone and into your adventure.

The world, your world is crying out for more courageous leaders who…
Dare to engage in difficult conversations.

BE RESILIENT Online Course

Create teams who embrace change, challenges and innovation.
Are accountable and hold others accountable.

Pave the way when the path is uncertain, risky or dangerous.

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Dr. Kevin Freiberg possesses the kind of disruptive thinking that will help you get there. His books and speeches have shaped the thinking of executives in more than 2,000 companies in 60 industries across the globe—leaders who now believe they have the power to change themselves, disrupt their businesses and revolutionize their industries.

Dr. Kevin Freiberg is on a short list of global thought leaders that Fortune 1000 CEOs turn to for the kind of disruptive thinking that drives growth and gets people excited about the future.

The world has changed! There will be no new normal.

We know that you are looking for new ways to keep your people engaged and connected because the old ways won’t work anymore. Helping your people navigate the uncharted waters we’re in is foundational to the survival and success of your businesses.

The challenge is learning how to do this in a virtual world. Yet, now is the time to double down on driving leadership, accelerating innovation and change and building a high-performance team, even if it has to be done virtually.

We teach leaders how to drop their armor and be more daring, how to create courageous cultures at work and at home, and seize new opportunities for personal and professional transformation.

We are grateful parents of three cause-driven kids and business owners who have been happily married for 33 years. Fitness is a way-of-life for us because well, there’s too much we still want to do.

Along the way, we’ve earned a couple of Ph.Ds, written 8 bestselling books on leadership, innovation and personal development and delivered more than 2,700 speeches across 60 industries and 37 countries.

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Course Modules

7 Topics

  • [WATCH] Introduction to Epic Work Epic Life
  • [WATCH] Invitation to Epic Work Epic Life
  • [Download] EPIC WORKBOOK – An Invitation to Epic
  • [Watch] Wired for Epic—Who Did the Wiring?
  • [Download] EPIC WORKBOOK – Who Did the Wiring?
  • [Watch] 6 Life Dimensions
  • [Download] EPIC WORKBOOK – 6 Life Dimensions

  • [Watch] Introduction to Epic Call to Courage
  • [Watch] Epic Call to Courage
  • [Download] EPIC WORKBOOK – Epic Call to Courage
  • [Watch] Examples

Lesson Content

  • [Watch] Introduction to Live Your Values Out Loud
  • [Watch] Live Your Values Out Loud
  • [Watch] Examples: Live Your Values Out Loud
  • [Watch] Live Your Values Out Loud (or not): Integrity vs. Hypocrisy
  • [Download] EPIC WORKBOOK – Defining Your Values

  • [Watch] Introduction to Defeating Fear and Resignation
  • [Watch] Defeating Fear and Resignation
  • [Watch] Examples: Fear Will F*>K You Up
  • [Download] EPIC WORKBOOK – Fear: Peeling Back the Onion
  • [Watch] Resignation
  • [Watch] How Does Resignation Show Up
  • [Download] EPIC WORKBOOK – How Resignation Shows Up
  • [Watch] Why Does Resignation Show Up
  • [Watch] Enemy Behind the Enemies

  • [Download] EPIC WORKBOOK – Pre-module Vulnerability Exercise
  • [Watch] Introduction to Rumbling with Vulnerability
  • [Watch] Rumbling with Vulnerability
  • [Watch] Examples: Rumbling with Vulnerability
  • [Watch] The Myths of Vulnerability
  • [Download] EPIC WORKBOOK – Rumble Vulnerability

  • [Watch] Introduction to Building Resilience
  • [Watch] Six Steps to Building Resilience
  • [Download] EPIC WORKBOOK – Resilience Take Charge of Your Thoughts
  • [Watch] An Epic Response to Negative and Unwanted Thoughts
  • [Download] EPIC WORKBOOK – An Epic Response Tool

  • [Watch] Introduction to Building An Epic Trust Tribe
  • [Watch] Building An Epic Trust Tribe
  • [Download] EPIC WORKBOOK – Building An Epic Trust Tribe
  • [Watch] Making Trust Robust
  • [Download] EPIC WORKBOOK – Make Trust Robust

  • [Watch] Introduction to Called to be Epic
  • [Watch] Called to be Epic – Wired to Enrich the Story

Learning Points

When you enroll in BE RESILIENT you get instant access to everything:

8 Course Modules
30 Impactful Videos
14 Guided Workbooks
30-day Money Back Guarantee

You will find the confidence to think big, act bold, and rise strong.

You will become a person of impact and a positive force for change.

You will find more joy and become more skilled at living and leading with grit, grace, and gravitas.


You’ll have immediate access to the Introductory Module and Module 1, as soon as you sign up for the course. The remaining modules will be released each week.

You will have forever access to the course materials.

Every individual will go at their own pace, but we recommend you set aside 2-3 hours per week to complete each module. And use the time between modules to reflect and apply the new tools presented in each module.

If you sign up for Tier 2 or 3 you can submit your questions through our private Facebook group. Or you can simply send an email to info@freibergs.com and we’re happy to help.

The program is 8 modules, with each module taking 2-4 hours to complete.


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