Jeremy Gutsche

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Talent Highlights

  • AI is transforming us just as we emerge from the pandemic.
  • The New Roaring 20s are upon us, and this period of chaos will be your largest threat and greatest window of opportunity
  • What potential is so close within your grasp?
  • For you, that might mean a new product, service, role, or just a different way of doing something… but the reality is, you are closer than you think.
    • When will you reach your next level?
    • What if you could reach it SOONER?
  • My job is to give you inspiring stories, tactics and tools so that you can push harder, act sooner, succeed faster and never give up.
  • My job is to help you find better ideas, FASTER.”

Keynote Topics

How to Innovate in Times of Chaos, AI & Change

You are capable of more than you think, but as a human being, you fall victim to ‘7 Traps of Path Dependency’ that block you from realizing your full potential.

Learn to think more disruptively so that you can navigate the turbulent landscape of chaos, change and the AI revolution. Leveraging insights from his award-winning books, top innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche will empower you with the strategies he’s used to help 750 brands, billionaires, CEOs and world leaders.

This innovation keynote speech will help you unlock your innovation potential, offering an unmissable opportunity to seize the future.

Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential

As a follow-up to Jeremy’s Create The Future keynote, you can add on a custom workshop, tailored to your situation. After a discovery call, Jeremy will walk you through best practices, cherry-picking from more than 40 workshop modules (and 80 hours of his masterclass content) to create the ideal experience for your needs, typically balancing educational (learning new tactics) and action (tangible plans and next steps).

Your workshop can be an efficient 2-hour add-on or a 5-day masterclass intended to tackle your greatest challenge while certifying your team as futurists.

You’ll end your innovation workshop with next steps and a driven energy to make change happen even when change is hard

Prepare Yourself to Thrive in the AI Revolution

As an AI expert and founder of Trend Hunter AI, Jeremy’s client list includes AI powerhouses like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell and Amazon. Get an unrivaled glimpse into the future underpinned by artificial intelligence and how it will impact your own brand.

With 2 million views, Jeremy’s AI keynote speaker video is a revelation of where the world is heading. His live keynote is updated constantly to provide you with the most cutting edge glimpse into the transforming landscapes of technology, society, and business.

It’s time to prepare for the year AI changes your life, work and potential.

Get Better at Adapting & Faster at Finding Ideas

In a world where change is the only constant, Jeremy’s NY Times Bestseller-based innovation keynote will empower you to adapt swiftly and uncover ideas at an accelerated pace.

As the top keynote speaker video on YouTube, Jeremy has already inspired 12 million people with his compelling insights and strategies for innovation and change.

Most people do realize how predictable the next 10 years are going to be, based on repeating patterns and the fact we have gone through a pandemic 19 times before. There are several long term frameworks that illustrate highly predictive patterns of what happens next, impacting consumer needs, the workplace, the generations, global conflict and the competitive environment.

This was Jeremy’s most popular innovation keynote video during the pandemic, and since then, many of the predictions have become shocking true, suggesting there’s even more predictive power in what lies ahead.

The keynote overlays 3 additional long-term frameworks, including generational theory, the rise and fall of nations, and the AI-accelerated pace of change, to prove to you what comes next. This is Jeremy’s most-popular keynote in the investment industry.

After finding success, many companies fall into a pattern of dire complacency. Their decision-makers forget about adapting and making change happen.

Enthralled with their achievements, they’re afraid to fail at something new—so they don’t even try. Once-thriving corporate cultures can quickly wilt, and the results can be deadly. Just ask Kodak, Blackberry, Blockbuster, or Smith Corona, whose leaders didn’t adapt at crucial moments of transformation.

Today, no one within a company can afford to stagnate. Each employee needs to keep pushing forward. In this powerful talk, Jeremy Gutsche shows you how to awaken, hunt, and capture those immense opportunities that others might too easily dismiss.

And, he explains how to actually make these ideas happen. Drawing on 200 interviews with CEOs, Trend hunter’s study of 250,000 innovations from a virtual focus group of 100,000,000 people, new case studies of a variety of brands, and even his family’s personal journey of entrepreneurial daring, Gutsche challenges audiences to define their core values, and guides them toward a new outlook on innovation, disruption, and adaptation.

Tactics for Disruptive Thinking and Action – Immerse yourself in a culture of high performance and change.

Jeremy’s keynote offers actionable strategies to create and foster a culture that not only embraces change but actively seeks it.

Empower your team to drive innovation and make change actually happen.

In an increasingly jaded market, how can you boost sales? How can you drive customer engagement? Having the best product isn’t enough any more.

You need to spark the kinds of conversations that lead to conversion. You need to make a deeper connection that speaks to both the needs your customers are currently facing, and the changes coming down the pike.

In this talk Jeremy Gutsche takes you through the hard data on the kinds of engagement that lead to sales. Drawing on case studies with millions of data points, Gutsche illustrates how chaos creates opportunity in sales, how to infectiously message your idea, how to make messages pop through the clutter, and—ultimately—how to innovate the sales process and build a culture of customer obsession.

Discover the art of creating impactful messages that stick, sell, and spread like wildfire. Jeremy’s marketing keynote, grounded in Trend Hunter’s study of 500,000 articles and big data from 3.5 billion pageviews.

This keynote is meant to make you a more powerful communicator inside your organization and beyond, with a strategic blueprint for crafting persuasive messages.

Jeremy Gutsche, MBA, CFA, is a New York Times bestselling author, award-winning innovation expert, “one of the most sought-after keynote speakers on the planet” (The Sun Newspaper) and the founder CEO of Trend Hunter — the world’s #1 trend website and innovation consultancy with over 3.5 Billion views and 10,000 projects completed. Jeremy Gutsche | […]

Jeremy Gutsche, MBA, CFA, is a New York Times bestselling author, award-winning innovation expert, “one of the most sought-after keynote speakers on the planet” (The Sun Newspaper) and the founder CEO of Trend Hunter — the world’s #1 trend website and innovation consultancy with over 3.5 Billion views and 10,000 projects completed.

His team is relied on by 1,000+ brands, billionaires, CEOs and world leaders to make innovation and change happen, including Google, Sony, Disney, Pfizer, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, IBM and Adidas. He’s even helped NASA prototype the Journey to Mars.

As a top innovation keynote speaker, Jeremy Gutsche has the #1 most-watched innovation keynote videos on the internet, inspiring over 35,000,000 people online and 535,000 people at 713 live events. Over 300,000 business leaders subscribe to his weekly newsletter. Prior to Trend Hunter, Jeremy grew a $1 billion portfolio for a bank, studied innovation at Stanford, completed an MBA from Queen’s University, and an honors degree from U of C, where he was awarded Graduate of the Decade.

Jeremy Gutsche | Innovation Expert Speaker

Routinely sourced by the media, Jeremy’s broad appeal ranges from The Economist and CNN to WIRED and The New York Times. He has been described as “a new breed of trend spotter” by The Guardian, “an eagle eye” by Global TV, an “Oracle” by the Globe and Mail, an “intellectual can of Red Bull” by Association Week, “the rockstar of keynote speakers” by Meetings Professional International and “on the forefront of cool” by MTV.

Jeremy was one of Capital One’s youngest business directors and innovation leaders. Prior to Capital One, Jeremy spent several years as a management consultant at Monitor Deloitte.

Social Good – Jeremy Gutsche and his team believe in a future made better by education, eco-awareness and social business. To date, the team has donated 1,000,000 trees!!!! and contributed roughly 30,000 articles about social good, generating 300,000,000 views of exposure through three Trend Hunter channels: Trend Hunter Eco, Social Business, and Keynotes (which features inspiration from the world’s best strategy and innovation keynote speakers).

On a personal note, he drives an electric car and rocks solar panels on his roof.

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