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Dr. Justin Cohen


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  • Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Fees: $10,000 - $20,000
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Human Transformation


  • With a combination of cutting edge research, humor, entertaining stories and practical take-home tools, Justin will inspire your people to realize their potential.

  • Justin will meet you for a pre-event briefing so he can get to know you and your team and customise his acclaimed content to meet your objectives.

  • With four books and seven audiobooks, Justin has a range of programs covering motivation, sales, service and leadership.

Dr. Justin Cohen is a bestselling author and global speaker and is one of the world’s leading experts in human transformation.

He is a bestselling author and global speaker, who has hosted multiple, personal development television shows. Dr. J is a speaker hall of fame inductee and holds a doctorate in human transformation from Middlesex University, London.

Justin has spoken, trained and coached tens of thousands of people in over forty countries, providing them with powerful tools and insights to achieve lasting breakthroughs in their lives and businesses.

Dr. Cohen hosted a CNBC Africa television talk show where he interviewed some of the world’s leading experts on success. Along with Harvard Professor, Matt Killingsworth, Dr. J was the positive psychology expert on the global, Joy takes you further, happiness campaign.

Dr. Justin Cohen | Human Transformation

Each program will be customized to meeting your objectives. With cutting edge research, humour, entertaining stories and practical take-home tools, Dr. Justin Cohen will inspire and equip your people to unleash their potential.

Dr. Cohen has written multiple bestsellers. His internationally acclaimed, signature program, is the Breakthrough Training. He has shared the stage with many luminaries including Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, John Maxwell and Richard Branson.

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Keynote Topics

Covid put rocket boosters on the future. We no longer live in a physical world. We no longer live in a digital world. We live in a ‘Phygital world.’ A hybrid of physical and digital connection and communication. This presents great challenges and opportunities. In this presentation, bestselling author and global speaker, Justin Cohen, shares five ‘P’s’ to bouncing forward even better than we were before.

Things may change but service will never go out of fashion. Purpose drives motivation, emotional wellbeing and performance. One year or a thousand years from now the winners will be driven by a mission to serve. Justin will help you get clear about your purpose.


Change tends to make us negative, particularly during turbulent times. Learn how to overcome the human ‘negativity bias’ by identifying the incredible opportunities in this new ‘Phygital’ world. The future will be owned by the optimists.


There is no such thing as success without successful relationships. During stressful times we need to lean on one another more than even before. Justin will share practical tools to leverage the power of your personal and business relationships.


In a world of Zoom meetings we have become even more sedentary. This negatively effects both our physical and mental health. Discover ways to incorporate movement throughout the day even in those digital meetings, to increase vitality, connection and creativity.


With stress and anxiety higher than ever before, discover how to be in the moment, mindfully and with joy, increasing the quality of connection with team members and clients.

There is no such thing as success without successful relationships. According to the Grant study at Harvard, the longest longitudinal study of all time, the single most important factor in happiness and success is the strength of our relationships.


Social skills are the most important skills we can build. Justin Cohen shares powerful insights to build long lasting relationships to help you sell, serve and lead.

You will discover:

How to motivate people to do what needs to be done.
Prevent and resolve
Inspire people to realize their full potential.
Nelson Mandela’s three-step ESP charisma method to create instant rapport – which Justin experienced first-hand!
Why it’s better to over-communicate than under-communicate.
How exceeding expectations in little ways produces big results
With a combination of cutting-edge research, humour, entertaining stories and practical take-home tools, Justin will help you win at relationship!

Being the best doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the business having the best pitch does. Whether you’re looking for clients, employees or investors everyone needs to know how to pitch their products, services or ideas. Studies show that the number one factor in B2B buying behaviour is the skills of the person making the pitch.

Bestselling author, Justin Cohen’s 6-Step TTOPPS Formula has been credited with doubling the sales of some companies. With a combination of cutting edge research, humor, entertaining stories and practical take-home tools Justin will show you how to pitch to win!

In Pitch To Win you will discover:

The number one reason they chose one pitch over another.
How to win without being salesy and by living your purpose.
The mindset of people who win the most pitches.
How to reduce nervousness and develop “big pitch temperament.”
Step by step guide to creating and delivering a winning pitch script.
The internationally acclaimed 6 step TTOPPS formula.

  • The Psychology of Success
  • What’s your story?
  • The Power of Connection
  • Leadership Inside Out
  • Setting and Scoring Goals
  • The Psychology of Sales Superstars



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