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“Before people hear me deliver a keynote, they’re confused about what I’m speaking about and if I can actually do it! But after five minutes, the audience gets it. It’s almost like a show with a twist!”

“My speaking is another chapter in my performance career. It’s still performance, even though it’s more speaking than singing.”

“There’s a lot about me that people don’t know, which is one of my main motivations for public speaking.”

“Having lived as a public figure for almost 20 years in South Africa, one of the things that I may have communicated poorly is some of the failures and challenges I experienced along the way. My talk provides a voyeuristic look at my life.”

“One of my themes is the common humanity we all share, whether we’re rich or poor, famous or obscure.”

“The art of facing rejection is a big theme.”

“The celebrity currency I have got to spend through SHOUT is a privilege – when you are given the gift of position, fame or money you should give back in South Africa. I am a huge believer in pay-it-forward social entrepreneurship.”

“Whether Danny K is talking to a CEO or the company’s tea lady, my message is that everyone has faced rejection and tragedy and been forced to evolve to be relevant or change when the situation calls for it. My talk is for everyone.”

“My story could be as inspirational as anyone else’s story – the difference is that I sing. My music gives my presentation an edge.”

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  • Johannesburg, SA

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  • Fees: R75,001 - R100k



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Household name Danny K (real name Danny Koppel) sang his way into South African hearts almost 20 years ago – but there are now audiences around the country surprised to hear the multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer and businessman deliver inspiring keynote addresses. Best known for his SAMA award-winning hits and the non-profit organisation SHOUT, which […]

Household name Danny K (real name Danny Koppel) sang his way into South African hearts almost 20 years ago – but there are now audiences around the country surprised to hear the multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer and businessman deliver inspiring keynote addresses.

Best known for his SAMA award-winning hits and the non-profit organisation SHOUT, which he co-founded in 2007, Danny continues to reinvent himself in the public eye, appealing to even the most tough and cynical audiences.

Danny has crafted a disarmingly candid keynote speech that explores the personal and business challenges he has met on the often bumpy road to success. Not shy to show his vulnerability, he is able to inspire virtually anyone to overcome self-limiting beliefs.

Danny K | Motivational Diversity

What sets him apart as a speaker is the fact that he weaves singing and music into this charismatic presentation.

Revealing little-known facts about his life, Danny shows how the universal themes of facing rejection and dealing with tragedy apply to everyone, no matter their background and status.

Most importantly, Danny K message reveals that it is necessary to celebrate diversity and to reinvent oneself to stay relevant – a lesson on sustainability that all individuals and businesses can relate to. Sharing the vicissitudes of success,

Danny shows that one needs inner strength to deal with loss and changing fortunes. Perhaps the most important value he shares is the belief that successful South Africans should ‘pay it forward’ and uplift their fellow human beings wherever possible.

Leveraging his highly reputable personal brand, this lovable South African performer brings a captivating combination of dynamism and sincerity to the speaker circuit.

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