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Talent Highlights

  • Bill Taylor shows business leaders a path to go from now to next in a world filled with nonstop disruption.
  • As a young entrepreneur, Bill co-founded Fast Company, the bold business magazine that redefined the genre and chronicled the tech-fueled revolution that transformed business and work.
  • Highlighting free-thinking leaders and companies that are upending their organizations and industries is Bill’s passion – and he had a front-row seat. 

Keynote Topics

In this era of hyper-competition and non-stop disruption, size doesn’t matter. It’s a world where the smart take from the strong and the most urgent work for every organization and leader is the work of making meaningful, deep-seated change.

When customers have higher expectations than ever, and digital technologies and new business models create more choices than ever, then familiar ways of working and competing become less effective than ever. That means even the most successful companies have to rethink and reimagine every aspect of how they do business and deliver results.

One challenge is originality—not to be the best at what others already do, but to be the only one who does what you do. Another challenge is people and culture—in a world transformed by technology, infusing your organization with a deeper sense of humanity.

A third challenge is rethinking the logic of risk—recognizing that in an environment of constant disruption, “playing it safe” may be the most dangerous course of all.

Armed with challenging ideas and in-depth case studies, Bill Taylor shows how organizations and leaders can unleash long-lasting, positive change in turbulent, fast-moving times.

The Art of Going from Now to Next – Don’t Let What You Know Limit What You Can Imagine

As the world is being remade before our eyes, the leaders who make a difference are the ones who can reimagine what’s possible at their organization and in their field, and who can turn bold strategies into relentless execution.

And they’re not just CEOs; they’re executives running business units, managers in charge of key departments, engineers or marketers running project teams, entrepreneurs building a company from scratch. Regardless of their formal role or title, high-impact leaders make sure their expertise doesn’t get in the way of innovation.

They champion provocative thinking that energizes their colleagues and create organizations where people get the chance to be at their best every day. Put simply, the best leaders are the most insatiable learners and the most authentic mentors.

Bill Taylor offers hands-on thinking gleaned from the extraordinary leaders he’s studied over the last 25 years—leaders who are as competitive as they are human, and as creative as they are consistent.

How to Unleash Fierce Execution and Nonstop Innovation in Good Times and Bad

Everything about talent and culture is ripe for reinvention-which is why great organizations and their leaders work as distinctively as they compete. In an era of brash ideas and urgent crises, organizations that create the most extraordinary value are the ones that gener

Whether you’re in a fast-moving technology field or a more traditional industry, your organization can’t be exceptional in the marketplace unless it creates something exceptional in the workplace. In a keynote that is at once highly strategic and deeply human, Bill Taylor draws on his access to some of the world’s most high-performing and creative workplaces to explore how organizations can unleash and sustain a culture of fierce execution and nonstop innovation.

His ideas, lessons, diagnostics, and case studies are a pragmatic guide to the future of work and a cutting-edge agenda for recruiting, evaluating, organizing, and retaining talent.


Among the questions he helps organizations and their leaders answer are:


Why should great people join your organization?
How do you know a great person when you see one?
Does your organization work as distinctively as it competes?
Do you offer the small gestures that send big signals about what really matters at work?

Rules for Transforming Your Organization and Challenging Yourself

Breakthrough technologies. Radical business models. New customer preferences. Remote work. In an era of hyper-competition and unpredictable crises, even the most successful companies have to rethink and reimagine every aspect of how they do business and deliver results.

  • But how do you break new ground when there is so much pressure to avoid mistakes?
  • How do you keep people focused and confident in a world that seems so risky and uncertain?
  • In short, how do you unleash long-lasting, positive change in turbulent, fast-moving times?

These are the questions Bill Taylor addresses in his provocative and energizing keynote. His message is designed to help leaders from all walks of life transform their organizations, shake up their industries, and challenge themselves.

He brings his message to life with colorful stories of organizations that are unleashing innovations and driving transformations in all sorts of fields-from retail to software, automobiles to financial services, hotels to hospitals. Bill offers a manifesto for change and a manual for achieving it-at a moment when change is the name of the game.


Here are some of the themes he emphasizes:


  • In a fast-changing world, the most successful organizations embrace strategies that allow them to stand for something special and inspire others to stand with them.
  • The more things change, the more the worries about change remain the same.
  • In a world reshaped by technology, change leaders embrace the power of emotion and psychology.
  • You can’t be serious about changing unless you’re also serious about failing.

The Human Side of IT Leadership

Big Data. Cloud Computing. AI. The digital revolution is reshaping the logic of business, work, and society.

Companies use digital tools to reach more people in more places more quickly than ever. Social media and peer-to-peer communications reshape how brands communicate with customers and how colleagues collaborate with one another.

Startups unveil new business models that shift the economics and overturn the logic of long-established industries. While technology is driving dramatic change, what customers, partners, and employees truly value is a deeper and more authentic sense of humanity— organizations that create experiences that are as memorable as they are efficient, leaders who recognize that disruptive technologies are at their most powerful when they are embedded in a culture of collaboration and trust.

Bill Taylor draws on cutting-edge insights about technology and timeless truths about culture to show engineers, project leaders, and marketers the inexorable connection between technology and humanity – and why the most effective IT leaders are the most human leaders.


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In the world of business journalism and innovation, the name Bill Taylor stands as a beacon of inspiration and forward-thinking.

In the world of business journalism and innovation, the name Bill Taylor stands as a beacon of inspiration and forward-thinking. As the co-founder of Fast Company magazine, Bill Taylor has left an indelible mark on the landscape of business media, challenging conventional wisdom, celebrating creativity, and championing a new era of leadership and management. In this in-depth exploration, we will delve into Bill Taylor’s background, the founding of Fast Company, and the enduring legacy of this visionary entrepreneur.

Early Life and Education

To understand Bill Taylor’s journey, we must first look at his formative years. Born in [Year of Birth], Bill grew up in [Hometown] with an innate curiosity and a passion for storytelling. His early education at [School] provided him with a strong foundation in critical thinking and communication skills, which would prove invaluable in his future endeavors.

Bill Taylor’s academic journey led him to [University], where he pursued a degree in journalism. During his time there, he honed his writing skills, nurtured his fascination with business and innovation, and developed a keen eye for emerging trends. Little did he know that these experiences would pave the way for his groundbreaking work in the world of business journalism.

The Birth of a Vision

Bill Taylor’s career in journalism began in earnest as he joined the editorial team of [Publication] after graduating from college. His early years in journalism were marked by a tireless pursuit of stories that highlighted the innovative spirit and transformative potential of businesses. He recognized that there was a gap in the market for a publication that not only reported on the latest business news but also celebrated the visionary leaders and organizations that were reshaping industries.

It was during this time that the seeds of Fast Company were planted. Bill Taylor’s vision was to create a magazine that would serve as a catalyst for change, inspiring leaders to embrace innovation, challenge the status quo, and drive their organizations toward a brighter future. This vision would soon become a reality.

Bill Taylor | Business Innovation

The Founding of Fast Company

In 1995, alongside co-founder Alan Webber, Bill Taylor launched Fast Company magazine. From its inception, the magazine embodied the spirit of innovation and disruption that Taylor had long championed. It quickly became a platform for thought leaders, business pioneers, and creative minds to share their insights and experiences.

Fast Company’s editorial approach was a departure from traditional business journalism. Rather than focusing solely on financial metrics and quarterly reports, the magazine sought to explore the human side of business. It delved into the stories behind successful companies and the visionary leaders who drove them forward. Bill Taylor’s vision was to inspire others to think differently about business and leadership.

One of the defining features of Fast Company was its commitment to celebrating the “Mavericks and Misfits” of the business world. These were the individuals and organizations that dared to challenge conventions, take risks, and redefine their industries. Fast Company recognized that innovation often emerged from the fringes, and Bill Taylor ensured that these stories were front and center.

Through its engaging storytelling, thought-provoking articles, and provocative covers, Fast Company quickly gained a loyal readership. It wasn’t just a publication; it was a movement that encouraged executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals to embrace change, nurture creativity, and cultivate a sense of purpose in their work.

Bill Taylor’s Impact on Business Leadership

Bill Taylor’s influence extended far beyond the pages of Fast Company. He became a sought-after speaker and thought leader, sharing his insights on innovation, leadership, and the changing dynamics of the business world. His talks and writings challenged the conventional notions of success, urging leaders to prioritize adaptability, customer-centricity, and a commitment to continuous learning.

One of Bill Taylor’s enduring messages was the importance of a “customer obsession.” He believed that the most successful companies were those that truly understood and empathized with their customers’ needs and desires. This customer-centric approach, he argued, was the key to long-term relevance and sustainability.

Furthermore, Bill Taylor emphasized the value of creating a workplace culture that fostered innovation and encouraged employees to be creative problem-solvers. He believed that organizations should empower their teams to think differently, take calculated risks, and embrace change as a constant.

The Legacy of Bill Taylor and Fast Company

Bill Taylor’s contributions to the world of business journalism and leadership have left an enduring legacy. Fast Company, under his guidance, became a touchstone for innovative thinking and a source of inspiration for countless individuals and organizations. The magazine’s impact extended to a global audience, shaping the way people thought about business and leadership.

Perhaps one of the most significant aspects of Bill Taylor’s legacy is his role in humanizing the business world. He understood that behind every corporate entity and balance sheet were people with dreams, aspirations, and the power to drive change. Through Fast Company, he told their stories and celebrated their successes, helping to reshape the narrative of business.

In the years following the founding of Fast Company, Bill Taylor continued to be a leading voice in the realm of business innovation. He authored books, delivered influential talks, and consulted with organizations looking to embrace change and innovation. His commitment to fostering a culture of curiosity and creativity remains a guiding principle for those striving to excel in a rapidly evolving business landscape.


Bill Taylor’s journey from a young journalist with a vision to the co-founder of Fast Company is a testament to the power of innovation and disruptive thinking. His legacy is not just about a magazine; it’s about a mindset—a mindset that challenges the status quo, celebrates creativity, and embraces change as an opportunity for growth.

Through Fast Company, Bill Taylor provided a platform for the Mavericks and Misfits of the business world to share their stories and insights. He inspired leaders to prioritize customer-centricity, nurture innovation, and create workplaces where people could thrive.

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