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Cybersecurity Expert


  • Cybersecurity Keynote Speaker,
  • National Security Strategist at VMWare Carbon Black,
  • Bestselling Author,
  • Former FBI, and Inspiration for the Film Breach

Renowned as the spy catcher who took down the most notorious traitor in U.S. espionage history, Eric ONeill is a former FBI counterterrorism and counterintelligence operative and authority on all aspects of cybersecurity.

His story became the Hollywood thriller, Breach, starring Ryan Phillipe as O’Neill, his own bestselling book, Gray Day, and now, motivational keynotes that use the thrilling world of espionage as a captivating background.


A top speaker on cybersecurity, O’Neill customizes his highly motivational and informative talks to educate, elevate awareness and inspire engagement in your organization’s cybersecurity goals. He also addresses the new SEC cybersecurity reporting requirements, the threat to U.S. security posed by terrorism, cyber threats to critical infrastructure, foreign intelligence, Neural Network AIs like ChatGPT, and the national conscience in a monitored society.


Why Eric O’Neill?

In the world of speaking, Eric ONeill is truly a rare combination: An “expert’s expert” on all aspects of cybersecurity, a gifted storyteller that keeps audiences engaged and enthralled, and an inspirational speaker who spins one of America’s most thrilling espionage stories into motivational examples of determination, leadership, teamwork, and overcoming challenges.


As a cybersecurity expert, O’Neill brings his background as an FBI counterterrorism and counterintelligence operative to the growing threats of cybercrime and cyberterrorism, predicted to cost businesses, governments and individuals an estimated $12 trillion by 2026.


His highly engaging and informational talks heighten awareness and help organizations create a culture of vigilance and safety. As a speaker, bestselling author and legendary FBI spy catcher (portrayed by Ryan Phillipe in the Hollywood hit, Breach), Eric ONeill shares the edge-of-your-seat story of how he brought down the most notorious cyber spy and traitor in U.S. history, Robert Hanssen, imparting valuable lessons. Whatever the focus, O’Neill captivates audiences with tales from his storied career, customizing his keynotes to create an unforgettable event.


 About Keynote Speaker Eric O’Neill

Best known for his role in capturing the most notorious spy in United States history, Robert Hanssen, Eric O’Neill is a cybersecurity authority, motivational speaker, former FBI counterterrorism and counterintelligence operative, and technology futurist. He is the bestselling author of Gray Day, and the inspiration for the film Breach, in which he was portrayed by actor Ryan Phillipe.


Eric ONeill is the founder of The Georgetown Group, a premier investigative and security services firm, and a national security strategist for VMware Carbon Black, the leader in next-generation network and endpoint security. In addition to cybersecurity, Eric ONeill also addresses the new SEC cybersecurity reporting requirements, the threat to U.S. security posed by terrorism, cyber threats to critical infrastructure, foreign intelligence, Neural Network AIs like ChatGPT, and the national conscience in a monitored society.

Eric ONeill | Cybersecurity Expert

More About Eric O’Neill

As a highly engaging speaker, Eric ONeill weaves real-life experiences worthy of a Hollywood spy thriller and the bestseller list into talks that are entertaining, informative, and inspiring. As a cybersecurity expert, he provides practical cybersecurity insights into real work situations relevant to many industries. Key to all of his talks is his captivating first-hand account of capturing Robert Hanssen, the notorious spy responsible for the greatest security breach in U.S. history.


Eric O’Neill began his career in counterintelligence and counterterrorism as a graduate of the FBI’s Intelligence Program. He spent the first five years of his FBI career as a special surveillance group field operative monitoring foreign, national, and domestic terrorists and spies. He transitioned from field operative to direct undercover work focusing on Hanssen. The unique nature of the assignment, one with huge significance but little backup or support, required O’Neill to tap into deep reserves of courage and inner confidence—experiences that he now draws upon as a motivational speaker.


Currently, Eric O’Neill is the National Security Strategist for VMWare Carbon Black, the leader in next-generation network and endpoint protection, where he provides insight and advice on strategic cyber-security issues and ensures that they are an active participant in the national conversation on cybersecurity strategy. He is also a founding partner of The Georgetown Group, a premier investigative and security consultancy specializing in counterintelligence operations, investigations into economic espionage, cybersecurity penetrations, internal investigations, catching the trusted insider, and security risk.


Eric ONeill graduated with honors from George Washington University Law School and is a practicing attorney. He serves as the General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer for Global Communities, a charitable humanitarian relief organization serving 20 million people each year.


In addition to his book and the movie it inspired, O’Neill has told his story on CNN, ABC, Fox, MTV, and NPR, including programs such as Nightline, Hardball with Chris Mathews, Fox News Power Player of the Week with Chris Wallace, CSPAN’s Washington Journal, NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, World News Now, and Access Hollywood.

His speaking engagements include Fortune 100 companies and strategic clients such as AT&T, Salesforce, TIAA, IBM, Dell, Raymond James & Associates, Roche Diagnostics, and Allstate.


Eric O’Neill, a distinguished cybersecurity expert, has made an indelible mark on the world of espionage and digital security. With a career rooted in counterintelligence and a profound commitment to safeguarding critical information Eric ONeill’s expertise is both remarkable and indispensable. In this conclusion, we will summarize the key takeaways from Eric O’Neill’s contributions to the field of cybersecurity.


1. A Remarkable Career in Counterintelligence: Eric ONeill’s journey began with his role as an undercover FBI operative tasked with exposing the notorious spy Robert Hanssen. His exceptional skills and dedication led to the apprehension of one of the most damaging moles in U.S. history. This landmark achievement showcased O’Neill’s unwavering commitment to protecting national security.

2. Pioneering Cybersecurity Expertise: In an era marked by escalating cyber threats, O’Neill has transitioned seamlessly from counterintelligence to cybersecurity. His insights into the tactics employed by spies and hackers have proven invaluable in fortifying organizations against digital threats. As a thought leader in this domain, he has educated and empowered countless individuals and businesses.

3. Empowering Others through Education: Eric ONeill dedication to knowledge sharing extends far beyond his own experiences. He is a sought-after speaker and author, known for his engaging presentations and his book, “Gray Day,” which chronicles his captivating journey as a counterintelligence operative. O’Neill’s educational efforts have illuminated the complexities of espionage and cybersecurity, helping individuals and organizations better defend against evolving threats.

4. Ethical Values in Cybersecurity: One of the standout qualities of O’Neill’s approach is his unwavering commitment to ethical practices in the cybersecurity realm. His message emphasizes that while it’s crucial to understand the tactics of cybercriminals, it’s equally vital to uphold ethical standards when protecting sensitive information.

5. Inspiring a New Generation: Eric ONeill work continues to inspire the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. His story serves as a testament to the impact that one person can have when armed with knowledge, determination, and an unyielding commitment to safeguarding critical data.


In conclusion, Eric ONeill remarkable career, transition from counterintelligence to cybersecurity, dedication to education, emphasis on ethical values, and inspirational impact all underscore his significance as a cybersecurity expert.


His contributions have not only protected national security but have also empowered individuals and organizations to confront the ever-evolving challenges posed by cyber threats. Eric ONeill legacy serves as a beacon of knowledge, resilience, and ethical responsibility in the dynamic field of cybersecurity.


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Keynote Topics

The cyber theft of private and confidential information from government agencies, business, and private individuals exceeded $6 trillion in 2021.


The modern spy is responsible for these technologically advanced attacks targeting your data. Robert Hanssen was the first of these new cyber spies, charged with selling American secrets to Russia for more than US$1.4 million in cash and diamonds.


His ability to exploit computer systems allowed him to protect his identity during a 22-year spy career.


In this exciting and informative talk, Eric O’Neill uses real-life spy stories and a review of recent massive cyber-attacks to show how careful diligence, counter-espionage techniques, and zero trust can help identify the numerous spies, hackers, cyber criminals, and trusted insiders that threaten the data that is the currency of our lives.

Imagine if the FBI locked you in a room for eight hours a day with the most ruthless and damaging spy in United States history.


Imagine feeling unqualified and outgunned, knowing the country depends on you to succeed despite the fact no one has provided the means to do so.


Robert Hanssen was a notorious cyber spy charged with selling American secrets to Russia for more than US$1.4 million in cash and diamonds. His ability to exploit computer systems allowed him to protect his identity during a 22-year spy career.


In this edge-of-the-seat spy thriller talk, Eric O’Neill shares intricate details of the investigation and shows how you can find success inside yourself by setting small goals that lead to big accomplishments until finally, through courage, confidence, and determination, victory is achieved.

Ransomware is not only the most damaging and costly cybercrime, it is a go-to tool for spies, terrorists, and attackers. Over the last three years, ransomware attacks increased 2,500 percent and security experts predict that this economic boom industry will cost $11.5 million by 2019.


In this lively and entertaining talk, cybersecurity expert Eric O’Neill uses humor and stories to explain why ransomware has taken the dark web by storm, why terrorists and spies are launching the largest ransomware attacks, how a single email can cause catastrophic damage and the easy steps you and your organization can take to save your data.

Data Is The Currency Of Our Lives; This Is How You Protect It

In the information age, your company’s most precious asset is data. How can you keep it secure? In this lively and informative talk, cybersecurity expert, author and spy hunter Eric O’Neill uses true stories informed by decades of work as an undercover operative in the FBI and security consultant to help you protect your information.


Audiences will learn about the need for diligence; critical areas in physical security; phishing and email hacks; social media do’s and don’ts; how spies recruit; economic espionage; preventing the insider threat; and why it is important to hunt the threat before the threat hunts you.



The Human Element: The Weakest Link In Every Security System Is Not A Computer

Security professionals must not only look outward when securing a system, they must become spy hunters, looking for internal exploits and penetrations that may not be easy to detect. Includes an analysis of Robert Hanssen, Edward Snowden and other recent internal penetrations.


This often humorous look at a sobering topic prepares organizations for a top down approach to hunting the trusted insider.



Surviving the Age of Social Media: What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself From Social Media Spies And Fraudsters

Hacking is the necessary evolution of espionage. As people have moved their lives, relationships and personal data online, spies have learned to exploit this data in order to steal identities, intellectual property and more.


Learn the most critical ways that spies are stealing your data by leveraging your social media accounts and how you can take steps to stop them.



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