Swan Sit

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Talent Highlights

  • Former Global Head of Digital Marketing for Nike, Revlon, and Estée Lauder, Operating Partner, AF Ventures, Leading Voice on Clubhouse, Board Member of Metaphysic
  • Swan is a contemporary operator sitting at the intersection of corporate economics, digital transformation, and consumer attention.
  • She equally understands the left- and right-brain skills required for a marketer that drives financial impact in the digital world.

Keynote Topics

While leading digital marketing efforts globally for Fortune 500 companies like Estée Lauder, Revlon, and Nike Swan created memorable campaigns to change the way consumers feel about brands, and interact with them.

Evoking emotion to drive attention, Swan championed bold ideas including unexpected spokespeople like Colin Kaepernick for Nike or Gigi Gorgeous for Revlon, innovative technology, and pushing representation boundaries.

In this presentation, Swan shares lessons from her work, and how entrepreneurs can take advantage of the same ideas to grow their own brands and businesses.

Innovative platforms, mediums, and technologies constantly emerge disrupting the way we engage with our customers and tell our brand’s story.

As we continuously realign our approach, we can glean incredible lessons from the successful campaigns of the past, and apply those concepts to create relevant and meaningful marketing using the new tools at our disposal.

In this presentation, Swan provides tactical guidance on how brands of any size can create a relevant and agile strategy.

An impressive resume and corporate pedigree led Swan to managing the global digital marketing for billion-dollar retail brands like Revlon and Nike, but it would be her adoption of eCommerce and understanding the value and power of social platforms that would ignite her career.

As the world approaches 20 years with commonly used social media platforms, new platforms and technology continue to emerge. Swan’s approach to new platform adoption coupled with Swan’s creative DNA has allowed her to make magic, racking up over 3MM followers on the audio-first platform Clubhouse.

In this session, Swan discusses what it takes to adopt early and approach new technology with a beginner’s mind to unite teams, articulate a grand vision, and build an audience.

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  • New York, NY

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Video 1

Swan Sit, a marketing guru and accomplished author, is one such visionary who has left an indelible mark in the world of marketing. In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and business, the guidance of experts who understand the intricacies of the digital age is invaluable. With a career spanning various industries and a passion for […]

Swan Sit, a marketing guru and accomplished author, is one such visionary who has left an indelible mark in the world of marketing. In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and business, the guidance of experts who understand the intricacies of the digital age is invaluable.

With a career spanning various industries and a passion for sharing her knowledge, Swan Sit has earned a reputation as a trusted authority in the field. In this blog, we will explore the life, work, and insights of Swan Sit, delving into her background, her achievements, and the impact she has had on the world of marketing.

Swan Sit’s career in marketing is characterized by its versatility and adaptability. She has held influential roles in various industries, from fashion to tech and entertainment.

Her journey is marked by a series of noteworthy positions and accomplishments, showcasing her dynamic expertise:

  • Apple Inc.: Swan began her professional journey at Apple, where she played a pivotal role in driving the marketing strategy for groundbreaking products. Her experience with Apple not only honed her skills in brand management but also exposed her to the innovation that defines the tech giant.
  • Estée Lauder Companies: Swan Sit’s tenure at Estée Lauder marked a significant transition into the world of beauty and cosmetics. She managed global marketing for renowned brands, bringing her creativity to the forefront in the form of captivating marketing campaigns.
  • VICE Media: Her venture into the world of media and content took shape at VICE Media. As the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, she was responsible for shaping the brand’s image and overseeing global marketing initiatives.
  • Riot Games: Swan Sit’s experience in the gaming industry came during her time as the Head of Marketing for Riot Games. Her innovative approach to branding and marketing played a role in amplifying the popularity of titles like “League of Legends.”
  • Warner Music Group: Swan’s diverse career journey led her to Warner Music Group, where she oversaw the marketing strategy for the company’s vast catalog of artists and music. Her role extended into the ever-evolving digital music landscape.

Swan Sit | Marketing Expert

Swan Sit as a Thought Leader

Swan Sit’s dynamic career and thought leadership have left a significant impact on the field of marketing. Her ability to adapt to diverse industries and her innovative approach to branding and marketing have inspired marketers to think beyond the traditional and embrace creative, data-driven strategies.

Key takeaways from Swan Sit’s contributions to marketing include:

  1. Innovative Storytelling: Swan Sit emphasizes the power of innovative storytelling in marketing. Her background in the arts and her ability to craft compelling narratives have influenced her approach to branding and marketing.
  2. Adaptability: Swan Sit’s career journey showcases her adaptability and willingness to embrace change. In a constantly evolving digital landscape, she encourages marketers to be flexible and open to new ideas.
  3. Data-Driven Decisions: She advocates for the use of data in decision-making, emphasizing the importance of understanding the metrics that drive marketing success.
  4. Leadership and Branding: Swan Sit’s leadership roles in various industries have highlighted the significance of strong leadership in shaping a brand’s identity and marketing strategy.


Swan’s remarkable journey from the world of art to the realms of technology, beauty, media, gaming, and music reflects her dynamic and innovative approach to marketing. Her expertise in branding, her thought leadership, and her passion for storytelling have made her a trusted authority in the field.

As a successful author and thought leader, She continues to inspire marketers and business professionals around the world. Her work serves as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of marketing and the power of creativity, adaptability, and data-driven decision-making in shaping brand identities and marketing strategies. In the ever-changing landscape of marketing, Swan Sit’s influence will undoubtedly continue to guide and inspire future generations of marketing experts and authors.

Swan was the Global Head of Digital Marketing at Nike, Estée Lauder, and Revlon. She’s now a Creator with 3.7 million followers, with Forbes dubbing her The Queen of Clubhouse. She is a contemporary operator sitting at the intersection of corporate economics, digital transformation, and consumer attention. Swan is one of the most sought-after advisors and speakers in Web3.

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