Rapelang Rabana

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Rapelang Rabana is the Founder and Chair of Rekindle Learning, a dynamic learning tech company that provides smart learning applications that improve learning outcomes for businesses and educational institutions. Rekindle Learning was profiled in the McKinsey Lions go Digital report as a striking innovation in mobile learning. She is also a Partner at private equity […]

Keynote Topics


Subtitle: Leveraging AI and VR technology to skill at scale

Synopsis: We desperately need a shared language that speaks precisely to the skills and capabilities  we need to develop in young people to thrive in a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Charles Darwin hints at what we need to thrive in the future – it is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change’.

Darwin speaks to ‘responsiveness’ being the decisive survival trait. Should we not then define intelligence, in terms other than IQ or EQ, and rather our ability to respond to change, to react to the tasks of work and life, to demonstrate the agility we seek in businesses today?

Subtitle: Realizing your potential through greater awareness

Synopsis: Self-awareness is the meta-skills of the 21st century. The research shows that when we see ourselves clearly, we are more confident, more creative, we make sounder decisions, build stronger relationships, and communicate more effectively.

Subtitle: Creating sustainable value for all

Synopsis: The age of sustainably achieving profits by making money out of others is fast disappearing into the distance.

It is no longer sufficient to score singular wins. The new economy demands that innovation and new solutions create shared value, where you make money, by making money with your customers – for your customers.

Creating value for all, entails applying a form of innovation that is inspired by experiential wisdom – experience of the context and problem; raising awareness beyond one’s immediate end-goal to see the whole chain of needs for all players; and step-wise iterative progress that integrates data and feedback gained from each step forward.

Rapelang Rabana brings her experience as a technology entrepreneur as well as global examples to drive key lessons for creating sustainable value for all.


Rapelang Rabana is the Founder and Chair of Rekindle Learning, a dynamic learning tech company that provides smart learning applications that improve learning outcomes for businesses and educational institutions.

Rekindle Learning was profiled in the McKinsey Lions go Digital report as a striking innovation in mobile learning.

She is also a Partner at private equity firm, Nisela Capital. From her first startup, straight out of university, Yeigo, to Chief Digital Officer at one of South Africa’s largest IT companies, Rapelang Rabana has amassed over 13 years’ experience building tech.

Amongst other roles, Rapelang Rabana also serves as a member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Entrepreneurship, as well as on the Boards of Standard Chartered Bank Botswana Education Trust and Imagine Worldwide.

Rapelang Rabana | Digital Leadership

Rapelang Rabana regularly speaks at local and international platforms and has shared a stage with the likes of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell.

Rapelang Rabana obtained B. Business Science (Computer Science Honours) from the University of Cape Town, giving her a technical and business background.

She has since believed that there had to be better, simpler more effective ways to do things – and there is: technology. Many of the challenges we see in Africa were solved long ago in countries with much higher gross national incomes (GNI) before the advent of digital technology.

Typically, they were solved using analogue solutions, and even if things weren’t perfect, they worked well enough for everyone to forget the flaws. Ironically, this has the effect of making inefficiencies less visible, and therefore provides less of an incentive for the creation of innovative digital solutions.

This is what gives African entrepreneurs an advantage believes Rapelang Rabana.

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