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Orlando Jones


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  • Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Fees: $35,000 - $50,000
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Actor & Comedian


  • Award-winning acting, writing,  and producing credits in groundbreaking sitcoms like “Abbott Elementary, Raven’s Home,  Different World” and “Martin.”
  • Integral involvement in globally  successful franchises like “Swagger” “American Gods” “Drumline” and “Sleepy Hollow.”
  • First Virtual Reality Emmy ever  awarded, thanks to his  collaboration with Super producers Alex Kurtzman &  Roberto Orci.
  • Thought leadership in Fan  Studies, even collaborating with  Henry Jenkins, the father of the  field.
  • Pioneering work in marketing and social media, dubbed the “King of  Fandom” by MTV.

Orlando Jones is an award-winning actor, comedian, writer, and producer, celebrated for his versatile talent and expertise in technology.

Founder of Legion of Creatives, he earned the first-ever Virtual Reality Emmy in 2015. Jones has collaborated extensively with digital thought leader Shelly Palmer, delving into generative AI, Web 3, and emerging technologies.

A board member of Harold Hughes’ blockchain company Bandwagon, Jones is at the forefront of experience technology. He’s also the brain behind the award winning 7UP campaign & rebranding of Community app into Fan Guru, a hub for fan experiences.

A seasoned speaker, Jones has captivated audiences at events like the Congressional Black Caucus, Summit Mountain Series, and academic institutions, including USC’s Annenberg School, MIT, UCLA, and the University of Minnesota.

Orlando Jones | Celebrity Actor & Comedian

His work is featured at the African American history museum, showcasing his influential roles in Apple TV plus’s “Swagger” and Neil Gaiman ’s “American Gods.” Orlando Jones is the future – facing speaker your event needs for cutting -edge insights into entertainment, technology, social impact and how to build customer lifetime value authentically.

Why book Orlando?

What sets Orlando apart is not just his mastery over  multiple facets of the entertainment industry, but also his  nuanced understanding of audience engagement and  social narratives. Whether it’s discussing the complexity of  fan behavior, the future of digital storytelling, or the power  of social media, Orlando delivers with authority, wit, and  infectious enthusiasm.

Engage your audience and bring a transformative  conversation to your next event with Orlando Jones. He  doesn’t just tell stories; he makes them unforgettable.

Orlando Jones is a renowned actor known for his influential roles in Apple TV plus’s “Swagger” and Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods.” His work is showcased at the African American history museum, highlighting his contributions to the entertainment industry.

Orlando is the ideal speaker for your event, providing cutting-edge insights into entertainment, technology, and social impact. With his expertise in audience engagement and social narratives, he brings a unique perspective on fan behavior, digital storytelling, and the power of social media.

Engage your audience and create a transformative conversation with Orlando Jones, who has the ability to make stories truly unforgettable.

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Keynote Topics

L E N G T H :  3 0  –  4 5  M I N


  • Turning employees into customers and fans
  • New ways to connect/ engage with your audience
  • Use of emerging technologies in this space (In The Know) 
  • Role of Fandom in Corporate Social Responsibility

L E N G T H :  3 0  –  4 5  M I N


  • Investing in Relationships: promoting internal and external  collaboration/ alliances for mutual success
  • New ways of doing business to navigate challenges/ uncertainty  
  • How emerging technologies can keep people connected  Partnering with AI in the workplace (ex. ChaptGPT)

  • Mastering Dynamic Communication

  • Creativity Unleashed: Be the Bold Thinker

  •  The Art of Inspiring High Performance  Narrative Leadership:

  • The Power of Story 

  • Disruptive Leadership: the New Normal  

  • Social Media Marketing Unleashed  

  • Transformative Corporate Culture

  • The DEI Blueprint :  Embracing Adaptability

  • Resilient Leadership for Change: Crisis as Catalyst  

  • Conquer Writer’s Block

  • Rethinking Health and HR

  • Branding & Advertising: An Unconventional Approach  

  • Community & Culture: Business Unusual

  • Introverted & Powerful: Public Speaking for the Quiet



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