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High Performance


  • If your organization is like most, it is placing a greater focus on teamwork rather than individual decision making. 
  • This focus makes productive teamwork critical to success, which means you must work constructively and effectively with others.
  • Yet, working constructively and effectively with others is not a natural talent.
  • The Extraordinary Team’s approach to building high performance teams (vs. team building) combines consulting, coaching, training, and process facilitation within the context of working real issues.

For over 25 years, Kristin Arnold has helped over a hundred different organizations, facilitated over four hundred executives and their teams, and presented to over a half a million people around the world around the topics of team leadership, team work, collaboration, culture, and critical thinking.

Whether your meeting is completely online or a “hybrid” with some folks meeting face-to-face while others join in virtually, your meeting success is directly related to the ability of the speakers and participants to connect with the topic and each other.

That’s where Kristin Arnold can help!

Kristin is a leading authority on panel discussions, a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), as well as a Certified Professional Facilitator | Master (CPF | M) and an award-winning author.  This unique background and personality enable her to work as a mainstage conversationalist™, engaging and involving the audience in shaping the content.

Kristin Arnold completely customized presentation is an engaging and interactive experience revolving around your organization’s key strategy or corporate initiative.  Kristin creates a high-impact conversation with the audience, moving the most vital issue facing your organization from concept in their brain to action with their hands  – where they can actually do something about it, literally, when they return to work!

As a result of this HUGELY interactive session, your group will understand and be able to carry out your business strategy – all the way from the top to your front line employees.

Kristin Arnold | High Performance

Kristin Arnold helps leaders and their teams create the best solution that everyone can get behind, be excited about, and act upon quickly.

She is an expert on team process – how groups of people get from one point to a desired outcome by doing their best thinking, coming to an understanding of what needs to be done, and agreeing on how and when to do it.

All done in a short amount of time.

Kristin has the depth and breadth of experience in working across multiple sectors and industries.

Over the past 30 years, she have worked with leaders and their teams in all 18 identified sectors of the US economy and 147 different industries ranging from manufacturing and mining to financial services and the arts and everything in between.

She has spoken to over 250 organizations in a dozen countries around the world such as the Million Dollar Roundtable, Mercedes Benz (USA and Canada), Chief Executive Group, Lockheed Martin, Caterpillar, Johnson & Johnson, just to name a few.

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Keynote Topics

In a world of incredible change and chaos, where decisions are made in the blink of an eye, have you ever made a half-baked decision?


For whatever reason, you just didn’t think it through.


The result?


Less than stellar outcomes.


You and your people don’t have hours to agonize over every decision, (nor would you want to…) but you can get smarter about it!


In this highly interactive and thought-provoking presentation, you will be able to:


  • Identify 5 common traps that cause poor or faulty reasoning
  • Discover simple techniques to prevent yourself from falling into these traps
  • Learn an easy, 4-step process that will allow you and your teams to be brilliant!

Smarter Decisions ♦ Greater Confidence ♦ Outstanding Outcomes

Let’s face it. We’re living in a commoditized world.


And if you aren’t innovating, you’re dying.


But it’s gotta be more than “new and improved,” slapping a new label on a new package of your tried-and-true product.


You’re looking for innovation…and it’s in short supply!


In this big brainstorming, barnstorming barrel of a good time, we’ll:


  • Dig through Drucker’s 7 sources of innovation
  • Show you how gosh darn easy it is to come up with new ideas
  • Sift through the possibilities to find real gold in them there hills!
  • Brainstorm in real time potential innovations

Better Brainstorming ♦ More Innovative Thinking ♦ Brilliant Ideas

Gone are the days when the leader can simply tell their people what to do.


Rather, the leadership role has evolved into being more of a facilitative coach, responding to the needs of a specific person and situation in order to achieve the desired performance.


In this fun, upbeat and interactive session, you will learn how to coach your team members to be truly empowered – with minimal intervention from you! You’ll increase the quality and quantity of conversations you have with your employees, accelerate their development, and dramatically improve their performance.


You’ll walk away being able to:


  • Diagnose the development levels of your team members and choose the appropriate coaching style
  • Discover your own “default” coaching style
  • Adapt to the changing needs of your team members

Improved Performance ♦ Empowered Employees ♦ Greater Productivity


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