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Transforming  how sales leaders and CEOs sell, retain, and grow key customers. Janice B  Gordon, known as The Customer Growth Expert, uses the approach to modernise  the sales teams to become buyer-focused, customer-centric, and future-proof  sales operations.     Janice, will challenge conventional thinking about sales with innovative,  practical strategies that redefine buyer engagement while […]

Transforming  how sales leaders and CEOs sell, retain, and grow key customers. Janice B  Gordon, known as The Customer Growth Expert, uses the approach to modernise  the sales teams to become buyer-focused, customer-centric, and future-proof  sales operations.    

Janice, will challenge conventional thinking about sales with innovative,  practical strategies that redefine buyer engagement while targeting specific  business needs for growth.    

Your audience will leave every session with Janice energised and motivated  to act and scale your sales.

Janice’s preference is to tailor her presentations to each client’s needs. She  takes a holistic approach to each presentation, spending time with  stakeholders and attendees before each event. This creates a presentation  that engages your audience, delivering practical strategies your delegates  will easily take away and implement.    

As a specialist Sales and CX Speaker, Janice is often booked to speak at  in-company and general Sales, Business and Leadership conferences. As a  professional interviewer, Janice emcees, facilitates, moderates panels, and  conducts live guest interviews.

Janice B Gordon | Customer Growth Expert

Janice B Gordon speaks globally, recently addressing audiences in the UK,  North America, Eastern Europe, and South Africa, with Asia and the Middle  East for companies like Outreach and Arena Holdings. Janice B Gordon energises  audiences and helps sales organisations reimagine revenue growth through  customer excellence and sales.    

Janice B Gordon, The Customer Growth Expert, is the Founder of Scale Your  Sales Framework and host of Scale Your Sales top-rated Podcast.    

Janice is the author of Business Evolution: Creating Growth in a Rapidly  Changing World and co-authored Heels to Deals: How Women are Dominating  Business to Business Sales.

With her commitment to growing leaders, through the PEER-XL peer leadership program that delivers 100% ROI, along with Scale Your Sales. Janice delivers the ultimate relationship-building program to develop leading-edge capabilities, trusted relationships, and profitable partnerships to create predictable increasing revenue growth.

She’s worked with and in different cultures as a sales rep. She knows what it takes to be successful in sales because she’s done it!  Janice worked for ten years in the financial services sector and she sold designs in the US and Europe.

Janice worked in Botswana and Southern Africa as a project manager and then as an innovation and customer experience consultant. She also helped grow a construction company from £1 million to £4 million sales revenue. Janice has both business-to-consumer and business-to- 
business sales experience. In 2006 Janice run her own restaurant and bar, growing it from scratch to a hugely successful multi-award-winning business.

In 2013, Janice became a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management and helped increase revenue for many of their clients. For one client, this meant an increase in revenue of 100% to $12 million in only nine months, using strategic account management strategies.

This experience has led Janice to create the customer led. Sc

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