Howard Saunders

Tagline: Retail Futurist

Talent Highlights

  • Innovative Leadership: Saunders’ tenure as Creative Director at Fitch exemplifies his visionary leadership, driving transformative change and setting new benchmarks for excellence in retail design.
  • Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Saunders’ ability to unite diverse talents into cohesive teams underscores his collaborative ethos, fostering environments where creativity flourishes and boundaries dissolve.
  • Consumer-Centric Approach: With an innate understanding of consumer behavior, Saunders crafts retail experiences that resonate with audiences on a profound emotional level, forging lasting connections and driving brand loyalty.
  • Dynamic Speaking Style: As a keynote speaker, Saunders captivates audiences with his dynamic presence and infectious passion for his craft, delivering presentations that inspire, educate, and empower.
  • Strategic Insights: Saunders’ presentations offer actionable insights that empower organizations to rethink their retail strategies, leveraging design as a strategic tool to drive business success and fuel growth.

Travels From:

  • London, UK

Fee Range:

  • Fees: $10,000-$20,000



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Howard Saunders boasts an illustrious career spanning over twenty-five years in the realm of retail design. With an esteemed tenure as the former Creative Director of Fitch, headquartered in London, Saunders garnered acclaim for his pivotal role in shaping retail design and branding landscapes. At Fitch, he held the reins of leadership, orchestrating multi-disciplinary teams […]

Howard Saunders boasts an illustrious career spanning over twenty-five years in the realm of retail design. With an esteemed tenure as the former Creative Director of Fitch, headquartered in London, Saunders garnered acclaim for his pivotal role in shaping retail design and branding landscapes.

At Fitch, he held the reins of leadership, orchestrating multi-disciplinary teams comprising architects, graphic designers, product designers, and copywriters. His hallmark was not just in assembling these diverse talents but in fostering synergy among them, driving collaborative endeavors that yielded innovative and impactful outcomes.

Howard Saunders | Retail Futurist

Background and Expertise:

Howard Saunders is a luminary in the field of retail design, wielding profound expertise honed through decades of immersive experience. His journey commenced at Fitch, where he ascended the ranks to assume the mantle of Creative Director. Within this capacity, Saunders wielded a transformative influence, spearheading projects of monumental significance that left an indelible imprint on the retail landscape. His portfolio boasts a diverse array of endeavors, ranging from boutique outlets to sprawling commercial complexes, each imbued with his signature blend of creativity and strategic foresight.

Saunders’ proficiency extends beyond mere aesthetics; he possesses an innate understanding of consumer behavior and market dynamics, leveraging this insight to craft immersive retail experiences that resonate with audiences on a profound level. His strategic acumen is matched only by his keen eye for detail, as evidenced by his meticulous attention to every facet of design, from spatial layout to branding elements, ensuring a harmonious fusion of form and function.

Furthermore, Saunders’ collaborative ethos sets him apart, as he adeptly navigates the intricate interplay between various disciplines, fostering an environment where creativity flourishes and boundaries dissolve. His ability to synthesize diverse perspectives into cohesive design narratives enables him to transcend conventional paradigms, delivering solutions that transcend mere utility to evoke emotions and forge lasting connections with consumers.

Reasons to Book Howard Saunders:

Event planners seeking to elevate their engagements to unprecedented heights would be remiss not to secure Howard Saunders as a keynote speaker. With his wealth of experience and unparalleled insights into the intricacies of retail design, Saunders offers a masterclass in leveraging design as a strategic tool to drive business success. His presentations are not mere lectures but immersive journeys that captivate audiences, offering actionable takeaways that empower organizations to reimagine their retail strategies and unlock untapped potential.

Moreover, Howard Saunders’ dynamic speaking style and infectious passion for his craft ensure that his presentations resonate long after the event concludes. His ability to distill complex concepts into digestible insights makes him accessible to audiences of all backgrounds, fostering an inclusive learning environment where everyone is empowered to participate and engage.

Why Book through Speakers Inc:

When considering a speaker of Howard Saunders’ caliber, it is imperative to entrust the booking process to a reputable agency like Speakers Inc. With their extensive network and meticulous attention to detail, Speakers Inc streamlines the entire booking process, ensuring a seamless experience from inception to execution. Their dedicated team works tirelessly to match clients with speakers who align with their unique requirements, ensuring that every engagement exceeds expectations.

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In conclusion, Howard Saunders stands as a titan in the realm of retail design, with a storied career marked by innovation, collaboration, and unwavering commitment to excellence. His expertise transcends traditional boundaries, offering a holistic approach to retail design that merges creativity with strategic foresight to create immersive experiences that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

As a keynote speaker, Howard Saunders imparts invaluable insights garnered through decades of industry experience, empowering organizations to unlock their full potential and thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.

  • Retail is the lifeblood of our towns, cities and most importantly, our communities. So it’s critical that we keep innovating and maintain enthusiasm for our stores.”
  • “The key is to understand what customers are really looking for, then we can start to engage.
  • It’s not the porn you need to worry about. It’s the feeding frenzy of entitlement your children are locked into that will distort their view of life on earth. Remember, they are all beautiful now, no matter what, and all deserving of our undying respect, as well as a flawless complexion, of course.
  • The entitled generation is already percolating into our shopping centres, and you can expect them to become ever more demanding as they grow in number. Every mundane thing you take for granted, or haven’t thought much about, they will have an opinion on, passed to them, no doubt, by one of their teenage life coaches.
  • Toothpaste, toilet paper, washing-up liquid, fruit juice, shampoo, aspirin…they’ll be keen to enlighten you as to how deadly these seemingly innocent products are to the health of you and the planet. Clearly, we must prepare for a mighty surge in demand for products and services that are specifically tailored to their highly individual tastes.

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