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  • Abéné, Senegal

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Through our EXCLUSIVE RETREATS you can Escape the comfort of the familiar and immerse yourself in the rhythm of life in Abéné, a rural community in the West African country of Senegal. Discover the beautiful complexity of life in a place where daily challenges are met with joy, generosity, and resilience.

A once in a lifetime opportunity for a unique and transformational journey for your leaders and teams. This EXCLUSIVE RETREATS provides time and a framework for self-reflection and opens the door to understanding another culture and experiencing a completely different way of being. Take seven days to return to the source and work alongside the people of Abéné to grow infrastructure and strengthen community.

This profound experience will move you, give you a new approach to people, new perspectives on what is important and take you to a new place of calm and gratitude. It will help you to break down barriers, lead with empathy, and create meaningful change.

You will experience first-hand the impact of true collaboration and discover shared common human values through our EXCLUSIVE RETREATS. This is a unique opportunity to open your mind and reassess your priorities and values, enabling you to have a profound impact on the culture of your organization.



  • ISLAND OF GORÉE Historically, this was where many slaves left their homelands for the unknown. When driving positive change, we must first understand both the origins of our shared humanity, and the critical events that have shaped a culture’s history.
  • TRAVELLING UPRIVER TO ZIGUINCHOR As we travel along the Casamance River, you will likely find the river’s dolphins bobbing their noses in the ferry’s wake, mere metres away. We will visit a local school and market in the community of Ziguinchor before travelling to Abéné.
  • EXPERIENCE LIFE IN ABÉNÉ Abéné lies nestled on the Atlantic coast, just twelve kilometres from the Gambian border. Around 5,000 people make their home here, in a melting pot of different religions, cultures, and tribes. Despite their differences, the people are united in their love of their village, their music, and their traditions. Ready to empower yourself and the people of Abéné?

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Experience Details

  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Ages suitable: 20+
  • Group Size: 20
  • Language: English
  • Personal Retreat

Additional Information

  • Coach and support each other – learn different perspectives and share your own
  • Share knowledge – all knowledge is valuable, discover and share wisdom in action
  • Engage in very conscious mind body awareness exercises – re-engage your own mind and body
  • Meet village elders and explore their values –
  • Experience how indigenous people live off the land, and what that actually means
  • Daily activities include drumming, dancing, fishing, working the land, and undertaking humanitarian work at a local school or the village medical centre.

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Experience Highlights

  • ISLAND OF GORÉE: Historically, this was where many slaves left their homelands for the unknown.
  • TRAVELLING UPRIVER TO ZIGUINCHOR: As we travel along the Casamance River, you will likely find the river's dolphins
  • EXPERIENCE LIFE IN ABÉNÉ: Abéné lies nestled on the Atlantic coast

Type of Experience

  • Retreats

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