Boost Resilience 3

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It doesn’t matter what ‘your current state’ is like to Boost Resilience 3? At the ‘core’ of being Human, is that we ‘Think. Feel. Act.’

We need to be more aware of the interplay between how our ‘feelings’ affect our ‘thinking’, and then whether we choose to  ‘act / not act’. Similarly, ‘actions’ affect ‘feelings’ and ‘thinking’. And of course, our ‘think’ patterns affect our ‘feelings’ and ‘actions’.

Boost Resilience 3

People around the world are experiencing high levels of stress, ‘overwhelm’ and hence feeling depleted.
We all need to prioritise how we ‘revitalize’ ourselves DAILY, so that we are healthy (disease-free), happy and live a ‘juicy’ life.
The REBOOT framework outlines 6 dimensions in life. They all contribute to overall wellbeing.
Incorporate these practical, ‘micro’ and time-efficient habits seamlessly, and easily into your day.


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You need to watch video 1 & 2 prior as they are sequential

So if we talk about booster resilience, let’s first talk about actually there’s a bigger picture here.

let’s just speak about your own resilience because when you feeling healthy when you feeling on top of the world.

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Joni Peddie - be more Adaptable Joni Peddie Cape Town
Joni Peddie - be more Adaptable Joni Peddie Cape Town

Joni Peddie

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  • Johannesburg, SA
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Event is located at Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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