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Talent Highlights

    Red Nation Film Festival – Once Upon a River

    American Indian Film Festival – Tiger Eyes

    Dreamspeakers Film Festival – Derby Kings

    Nevada International Film Festival – Derby Kings 

    Red Nation Film Festival – Tiger Eyes

    Red Nation Film Festival – Saints & Strangers

    Best of the City – Albuquerque The Magazine 

    American Indian Business Leaders

Tatanka Means is an award-winning actor and stand-up comedian from Chinle, Arizona. He represents the Navajo, Oglala Lakota and Omaha Nations.

Tatanka Means is an award-winning actor and stand-up comedian from Chinle, Arizona. He represents the Navajo, Oglala Lakota and Omaha Nations.


His most recent work includes the highly anticipated Martin Scorsese western crime drama film KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert De Niro, Lily Gladstone and Jesse Plemons. Based on journalist David Grann’s bestselling book, the film was inspired by the true story of a series of murders in 1920s Oklahoma in the Osage Nation, after oil was discovered on their land.

The brutal murders went on to be known as the Reign of Terror. Which in turn led to the creation and birth of the FBI. Means plays John Wren, one of the first Native American undercover FBI agents.

Tatanka Means | Inspirational Native American

Other highlights include FX’s critically acclaimed series RESERVATION DOGS, Marvel’s Disney+ show ECHO, the upcoming sequel WIND RIVER: Rising. Means is currently filming on Kevin Costner’s new epic saga, HORIZON, which is set to be released in theaters in 2024.

Aside from acting, Tatanka performs stand-up comedy throughout the U.S. and Canada sharing laughter and speaking to Native youth about living a healthy lifestyle and the importance of cultural empowerment. Tatanka is one of the busiest touring Native American comedians performing today.

Tatanka Means was recognized by the National Indian Gaming Association and named “Entertainer of the Year” for his achievements in the entertainment industry.

Here are some key aspects of Tatanka Means’ career and contributions:

Comedy Career:

Tatanka Means first gained attention as a stand-up comedian. His comedy style is a combination of observational humor, storytelling, and social commentary. He uses humor to shed light on various aspects of Native American culture, identity, and the challenges faced by indigenous communities.


In addition to his comedy, Tatanka Means has ventured into acting. He has appeared in various film and television projects, including roles in the acclaimed film “Tiger Eyes” (2012) and the television series “The Son” (2017). His acting career allows him to reach broader audiences and contribute to increased representation of Native Americans in the entertainment industry.


Tatanka Means is not just a comedian and actor; he is also an advocate for Native American rights and cultural awareness. He uses his platform to draw attention to important issues affecting indigenous communities, including environmental concerns, social justice, and the importance of preserving and celebrating Native American traditions.

Cultural Representation:

Means’ work is significant in addressing the lack of accurate and positive representation of Native Americans in mainstream media. By sharing his unique perspective and insights, he contributes to a more comprehensive and authentic portrayal of Native American culture and experiences.

Educational Workshops:

Tatanka Means has conducted educational workshops and presentations in schools and communities. These workshops provide valuable insights into Native American culture, history, and contemporary issues, helping to bridge gaps in understanding and promoting cultural sensitivity.

Positive Impact:

Through his comedy, acting, and advocacy, Tatanka Means has inspired audiences to think critically about Native American culture, history, and the challenges faced by indigenous communities. His work encourages dialogue and positive change while bringing humor and entertainment to a wide range of audiences.

Tatanka Means’ career is a testament to the power of comedy and storytelling in creating awareness and promoting understanding of Native American culture and issues. His ability to blend humor with cultural insights makes him a unique and important figure in the world of entertainment and advocacy, working to ensure that Native American voices are heard and respected.

Tatanka Means is proud to be an alcohol & drug-free sober performer.

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Keynote Topics

From our creation as a people to fighting for our lives, we exist in a pop culture with the last of our elders. Means explores a reality of living in two worlds while preserving life and culture.

Reflecting on the history of Native American humor in the community, representation in Hollywood and Native comedians supporting it’s place in today’s Indigenous society.

Believing in yourself, you are enough and nothing is impossible.

Means looks at Indians in film in the 21st Century and their role in Hollywood, then discusses stereotypes of the modern Indian.

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