Susan Oh

Tagline: AI & Metaverse Expert

Talent Highlights

Autodidact civic technologist in AI & blockchain; founder & advisor to benevolent AI & blockchain startups.

  • Blockchain AI Industry lead for Trane AI.
  • Founder & CEO, MKR AI.
  • Governing member, Blockchain For Impact, UN General Assembly.
  • 2011 AAJA Knight-Poynter Fellow; 2011 AAJA Ford Foundation Fellow.
  • Nominee for 2010 EDDY award by Edible Communities publications, the 2011 James Beard Foundation Publication of the Year.

Keynote Topics

I’ve always said for years that I want robots to do the work that people don’t want to do, cannot do, or should never do. This is the stuff that is repetitive, needs speed and consistency over hundreds of thousands of steps, or is plain dangerous or unhealthy.

I see robots freeing us from manual labour to let humans be more human and humane. That’s the hope. History won’t back me on this, but every hundred years, life does get better for all.

The UN gave us Sustainable Development Goals — which is a framework, but poor as a  metric system. Metrics are data-focused and must be hyper localized. I’ve focussed on financial inclusion and to end slavery – and slavery I have a broad definition of, meaning you are working for free without reward for your personal benefit.

We’re not the first nor the only ones doing this, but with NFTs, Defi protocols and digital assets, it’s possible to come up with a more accurate valuation of upright trees to the global economy, using spectral satellite data for a carbon offset, specifies to areas by coordinates, even down to the trees. For landowners, this provides liquidity, and land stewards, better metrics to be able to harvest sustainably. And we, investors get to decide what holds value for us, not just as market makers and consumers.

Technology like AI and blockchain are only tools that can help productivity- that’s why I’ve also had to do a dive on business and revenue models as to who creates value, assesses that value, and partakes or benefits from the value created. Bad business models — like the ad revenue model — ruins perfectly good tech. It’s all how you use it.

I know what I’d like to see, and then balance it with what I’m seeing. In the long run, technology improves the quality of life and lifespan for all. In the short term, though, there will always be speculators and bad actors. The most critical factor is human and self-hacking.

People, do your own research, learn as much as possible on your own, validate your assumptions through fellowship with others who are principally aligned with the world you want to create. And don’t let the bastards get you down.

I see a world where everyday people get to determine value, and have the heavy lifting of manual labor taken over by robots.

And those adoption cycles get shorter and shorter. How this tech gets used, all these systems, needs us humans to be responsible and accountable.

Susan Oh is CMO of Daoverse Capital, and advisor to Burble Galaxy, and Hangry Animals. She is former CMO of robotics company, Beyond Imagination, cofounded by Harry Kloor and Ray Kurzweil, and was a founding Board Member of Blockchain Commission For Sustainable Development, with support of the Office of Partnerships UN GA. A journalist since […]

Susan Oh is CMO of Daoverse Capital, and advisor to Burble Galaxy, and Hangry Animals. She is former CMO of robotics company, Beyond Imagination, cofounded by Harry Kloor and Ray Kurzweil, and was a founding Board Member of Blockchain Commission For Sustainable Development, with support of the Office of Partnerships UN GA.

A journalist since age 16 (CNBC, Newsweek, EIU), Susan started writing about tech start ups in 2012 as a business reporter, to then be asked by the companies she profiled to advise them.

She began working as a founding member of AI start ups in Silicon Valley and New York City in 2014, to then working with blockchain tools in 2017 in order track data integrity for her training corpus in her study of NLU/NLP.

Susan speaks around the world about her work on SDG8, on digital financial inclusion, including at UN HQ, ITU AI4Good, WEF Davos, and the Vatican Pontifical Academy of Maths and Sciences.

Susan Oh is a former journalist, a civic technologist in AI and blockchain and business executive. Susan speaks around the world on the importance of data sovereignty, blockchain and tokenomics, and for the responsible development of human-centric AI.

In this era of misleading disinformation and fake news, Susan founded MKR AI, a company that uses AI to flag disinformation. They use blockchain, offering token rewards to users who are invited to verify, annotate, and curate stories that have value. It is their hypothesis that the spread of disinformation is a problem of shareability, technology, and ideology, a great way to promote confirmation bias. MKR AI is an AI Partners Fund portfolio company, built by Crane AI, and trained by Trane AI.

Susan is a governing member of Blockchain For Impact at the UN General Assembly and is the recipient of The Quantum Impact Award #DecadeOfWomen in partnership with the UN GA as one of the Top Ten Frontier Women in Digital.

Susan Oh | #1 AI & Blockchain Expert

Susan Oh is the leading expert Internationally on blockchain technology and crypto currencies. Founder and CEO of AI-based service, Susan Oh shares her keynote talks that helps users discern disinformation using novel NLU/NLP and sentiment analysis ML, and then create original content placed on IPFS for attestation.

MKR AI is an AI Partners Fund portfolio company, built by Crane AI, and trained by Trane AI. Susan Oh-Artificial Intelligence Speaker.

Part of the Newsweek International team awarded the 1997 Overseas Press Club Ed Cunningham Award for best reporting from abroad for coverage of the handover of Hong Kong to Chinese rule. Susan Oh led a team to create two winning submissions to the 2006 Media Innovation Awards (MIAs) by Marketing Magazine (Canada) for a top Canadian entertainment conglomerate, for national transmedia campaigns (Molson Canadian, 20th Century Fox).

International media experience with good story sense & knowledge of the editorial process with work published in or aired on major media outlets in Hong Kong, Toronto, London & Chicago. Successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Instrumental in the launch of’s first branded magazine, Connexion, print & web. Contact Us at WeSpeak Global and follow us on Facebook

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