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Lital Marom


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  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Fees: $35,000 - $50,000
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Innovation Strategist

Lital Marom challenges current and future leaders to develop a bolder vision for human potential. She believes that from human potential springs business potential, and it should be used to create a more sustainable, inclusive future.

Lital Marom got her start building computer systems for companies in Israel and Europe, before advancing to lead global sales and strategy for Fortune 100 teams across three continents. Since then, she’s lived in ten countries and founded four companies of her own, including the innovation consulting firm, UNFOLD, and the leadership and development organization The Academy of Tomorrow.

Lital Marom | Innovation Strategist

Together with her team at UNFOLD Lital developed an evidence-based INNOVATION FRAMEWORK to help organizations reimagine their business so that they could scale faster, increase their profit and bulletproof their business by improving their customers’ lives

Through Lital Marom company The Academy of Tomorrow Lital brings a modern approach to learning, equipping current and future leaders with the mindset and skill sets needed to thrive in a rapidly-changing world.

An internationally-recognized keynote speaker, Lital is a thought leader on innovation, digital transformation, the platform economy, agile leadership and the future of work.


  • Future of Business
  • Innovation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital ecosystems
  • Business model innovation
  • Web3 and the Metaverse
  • Future of Work
  • Digital leadership
  • Optimizing for hybrid workforce
  • Building high-performing teams
  • Resilient Leadership
  • Team collaboration

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Keynote Topics

The global pandemic has completely reshaped our world. Consumers, employees, and the marketplace have all dramatically changed over the last two years, and companies unable to keep up have failed.


To survive today’s high-velocity era of constant disruptive change, leaders need to re-imagine how their organizations operate, and they need to do it today.


Innovation strategist Lital Marom takes audiences on a deep dive into the new patterns of success and how innovation sits at the heart of it. Sharing key insights from her breakthrough innovation framework, she shows organizations how to scale faster, increase profit, and maintain their competitive edge in this new world of work.


Key takeaways:

The new operational foundations of today’s thriving businesses.
How to build a learning culture to empower your people and tap into innovation.
The key mindset shifts needed to think bigger, think exponentially, and increase agility.

2023 is putting everyone’s (digital!) leadership skills to the test.


Leaders are under a lot of pressure to perform in the new global and virtual world of work. As we navigate a time of constant change, the only certainty is that more change is coming. Our response today will dictate our success tomorrow, requiring a new level of adaptability, agility, and digital leadership.


So how do we move past uncertainty – to adapt and thrive in a radically evolving future? How do we inspire individual team members to become great teammates while working remotely? What if our teams were not only driven to achieve goals with each other but for each other? 


With years of experience leading remote teams across North America and Europe, Lital Marom will show your organization how to build the teams and the leaders of tomorrow.


Learn techniques and tools that you can apply immediately to cultivate high performance and agility in your remote workforce. Marom will introduce new ways to transform implicit assumptions into explicit action and help you set the foundation for an inclusive culture rooted in psychological safety. 


Together, these powerful strategies will not only maximize performance and improve team collaboration, but also help to uncover and capture new growth opportunities while mitigating the unexpected risks that will inevitably occur in our constantly changing world.


Key Takeaways:

How to achieve effective communication and collaboration despite the geographical and physical distance of remote teams
How to engage and motivate your remote teams to establish a winning spirit
How to align individual goals with the team’s objectives to achieve outstanding business results

In this provocative and inspiring keynote, Lital Marom will guide the audience through a journey into a world reshaped by the most disruptive organizations and artificial intelligence (AI) – a journey that will illuminate a future created by the intertwining of human potential and machine capabilities.


Marom will challenge the conventional wisdom of disruption. In the age of AI, disruption is no longer about displacing old technologies with new ones. It’s about reimagining the very way we think, work, and lead. It’s about harnessing the power of AI to challenge the status quo, transcend barriers, and create new value.


She will delve into real-life examples and strategies of AI, from industries as diverse as healthcare and entertainment to education. Drawing from these examples, the audience will discover how AI is not just changing our world but also creating new ones.


Keynote takeaways:


1. Uncover the potential of AI to democratize innovation and understand how to leverage it in your own business.

2. Investigate strategies that combine human creativity with AI capabilities, focusing on a collaborative rather than competitive approach with technology.

3. Identify the key skills needed in an AI-dominated workplace and methods to foster continuous learning, adaptability, and creativity.

4. Understand the significance of ethical AI practices that ensure the benefits of technology reach everyone, considering potential issues of bias and inequality.

5. Reframe disruption as an opportunity for growth. Change your perspective on disruption, viewing it as a springboard for innovation, growth, and progress rather than a hurdle.

6. Develop a proactive mindset towards shaping a future, understanding the importance of taking an active role in this transformative era.



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