Jo Rust

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Talent Highlights

  • Trailblazing Adventure: Jo Rust holds the world record for being the first woman to circumnavigate the African continent solo on a motorcycle, a journey of courage and resilience.
  • Mental Health Advocate: Jo’s personal journey of overcoming mental health challenges makes her a powerful advocate for mental health awareness and destigmatization.
  • Expertise in Psychology: With a background in psychology and neuroscience, Jo offers valuable insights into the inner workings of the mind and strategies for well-being.
  • Engaging Speaker: Jo’s dynamic speaking style, combined with her authentic storytelling, captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impact.
  • Practical Tools for Success: Through workshops and coaching sessions, Jo equips audiences with practical tools and strategies for navigating life’s challenges and living their best life.

Keynote Topics

Jo Rust will take you on an empowering journey where you will discover you own unique strengths, your purpose, and how to ignite the spark of living life as your most authentic self.

She’ll equip you with life-changing, tried-and-tested, scientifically proven tools and techniques on how to: understand your own mind, cope with stress and anxiety in a healthy way, motivate yourself and those around you, effectively communicate with absolutely anyone, overcome automatic negative thoughts, setting boundaries, achieving goals, and most importantly – taking care of your own mental health.

Travels From:

  • Johannesburg, SA

Fee Range:

  • Fees: R20,001 - R35,000


Video 1

Jo Rust is a beacon of resilience, a world-record holder, speaker, author, mental health coach, and activist. As a member of the prestigious MENSA high IQ society, her intellect is matched only by her indomitable spirit. Jo made history by becoming the first woman to circumnavigate the entire African continent on a motorcycle, solo. This […]

Jo Rust is a beacon of resilience, a world-record holder, speaker, author, mental health coach, and activist. As a member of the prestigious MENSA high IQ society, her intellect is matched only by her indomitable spirit. Jo made history by becoming the first woman to circumnavigate the entire African continent on a motorcycle, solo. This extraordinary journey spanned 45,000 kilometers through 28 countries over 12 months, a testament to her adventurous spirit and unwavering determination.

Jo Rust | Motivational Speaker

However, Jo’s journey goes beyond physical accomplishment. It’s a story of profound personal triumph over mental health challenges. From a young age, Jo grappled with Social Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Complex-PTSD, and chronic suicidality. Her journey became not just a quest for adventure, but a means of confronting her inner demons and reclaiming her life. As an eight-time suicide attempt survivor, Jo’s resilience and courage are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for understanding the complexities of the human mind, Jo immersed herself in the study of psychology, neuroscience, and psychiatry. Through her own experiences and academic pursuits, she has gained profound insights into mental health and well-being. Now, Jo shares her story with audiences worldwide, offering hope, inspiration, and practical tools for navigating life’s challenges.

Background and Expertise:

Jo Rust’s expertise lies at the intersection of adventure, mental health, and personal development. Her remarkable journey around Africa, coupled with her academic background in psychology and neuroscience, uniquely positions her to speak on topics such as resilience, overcoming adversity, and mental health awareness. Jo’s personal experiences, combined with her deep understanding of the human psyche, allow her to connect with audiences on a profound level, inspiring them to embrace their own journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Throughout her career, Jo has delivered impactful keynote speeches, workshops, and coaching sessions to diverse audiences, ranging from corporate events to educational institutions. Her ability to blend storytelling, humor, and practical insights ensures that her presentations resonate with audiences of all backgrounds and ages. Whether addressing issues of mental health in the workplace or sharing her own journey of triumph over adversity, Jo’s message is one of hope, courage, and resilience.

Why Event Planners Should Book Jo Rust:

Event planners seeking a speaker who can captivate, inspire, and educate their audience need look no further than Jo Rust. With her compelling story of overcoming adversity and her expertise in mental health and personal development, Jo delivers presentations that leave a lasting impact. Her authenticity, warmth, and humor create an engaging atmosphere that encourages open dialogue and reflection. By booking Jo Rust, event planners can provide their audience with valuable insights, practical tools, and a renewed sense of hope.

Why Book Jo Rust through Speakers Inc:

When it comes to booking speakers for your next event, professionalism, reliability, and expertise are paramount. Jo Rust embodies these qualities and more, making her an ideal choice for any event. As a member of Speakers Inc, Jo benefits from their extensive network, industry expertise, and commitment to excellence. With their support, event planners can rest assured that every aspect of Jo’s appearance, from logistics to content, will be meticulously managed, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees.


In conclusion, Jo Rust is more than a world-record holder; she is a beacon of hope, resilience, and transformation. Through her remarkable journey and personal triumphs, Jo inspires audiences worldwide to embrace their own potential and overcome life’s challenges. Her expertise in mental health, combined with her passion for adventure, makes her a captivating and impactful speaker. Whether sharing her story on stage or guiding individuals on their own journey of self-discovery, Jo Rust is a true catalyst for positive change.

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