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LA Confidential

  • Los Angeles, California, United States
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LA Confidential is the only pop band you’ll ever need. From rock and roll’s beginnings, to the hottest chart-toppers of today, L.A. Confidential has mastered it all.

Feeling nostalgic and yearning for the classics of the ’50s and ’60s? Coast along with L.A. Confidential and the sounds of Bobby Darin, The Beach Boys, and other greats you can’t help but twist and shout to. Rock on through treasured hits by Van Morrisson, and get sultry and soulful to the likes of The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and countless groovin’ tunes from the Motown era.

LA Confidential will transport you to the Golden Age of music–a timeless age fit for any event that truly wants to get their guests dancing in the streets!

Looking to rev up your gathering with a little more edge? L.A. Confidential will take you there! Get down on the dance floor to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Spencer Davis Group, and the Jackson 5.

Keep the party going with the unstoppable sounds of ABBA and The Pointer Sisters, and rock all night long to the hits of Bob Seger and Billy Idol. L.A. Confidential has the sound that ’70s and ’80s music enthusiasts love, and the addition of these classics is like a shot of adrenaline to the heart of any gathering!

LA Confidential | Pop Band

LA Confidential prides itself on playing feel-good, timeless hits from the last sixty years of pop music, but what if you’re more interested in the songs of today? Keep the good vibes going with the sounds of Bruno Mars, Adele, and Pharrell Williams, along with other chart-toppers from the new era of music. There isn’t a good tune that can’t be replicated by L.A. Confidential–if it grooves, we’ll bring it to you!

Flexibility is our priority. From a rhythm-section combo, to a four-horn band, to even a full-fledged big band–whatever your next event needs, LA Confidential is happy to supply you with. Dan Methe, the band’s male lead singer, and Nicole Kubis, Kaley Griffith, and Nicole Perreira, the band’s female singers, offer versatility and a means of tackling the variety of pop tunes crowds know and love. LA Confidential has all bases covered!

Comprised of fearless musicians from the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, we’re dedicated to delivering the sound that you crave most for your next gathering. Liven up any event with our blazing Top 40 charts, and witness your guests’ excitement at the recognition of every song they know.

Music can bring your event together, as the love of popular music brought the band together. Let us share our music with you!

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