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Rachel Sheerin Emcee is an award-winning keynote speaker and emcee. Named Speaker of the Year for 2019 by NACE, you may have seen Rachel featured in Inc Magazine for her keynotes or on the TEDx stage. Rachel’s been on both sides of business – sales and operations. She’s built multi-million dollar sales teams for organizations […]

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Rachel Sheerin Emcee is an award-winning keynote speaker and emcee. Named Speaker of the Year for 2019 by NACE, you may have seen Rachel featured in Inc Magazine for her keynotes or on the TEDx stage.

Rachel’s been on both sides of business – sales and operations. She’s built multi-million dollar sales teams for organizations that want to grow profits and boost happiness and trained operations teams that want to influence their sales teams to work better together.

With Fortune 500 clients such as The Ritz Carlton, WAL-MART, National Associations in Healthcare and Banking, Hilton, Berkshire Hathaway, Rachel Sheerin – Event Emcee is known for delivering high-impact education and motivation to audiences from Spain to Seattle.

A partner of The James Beard Foundation and Director of Global Award for the Association for Women in Events, Rachel Sheerin Emcee motivates and educates high-performers so they can level up their success, increase their impact, and live a life they love.

With her book launching later this year, Rachel’s continued research and motivational content around burnout, happiness and success can be heard on her weekly podcast, F THIS S with Rachel Sheerin.

The world needs more successful people doing what they were born to do – and being happy while they do it. I’ve always loved to entertain, help others, and make people smile and that’s exactly why speaking on stage feels like home.

Rachel Sheerin Emcee

Create the experience your attendees will love and remember
Engage, Educate, and Entertain Your Audience.

As your event MC, Rachel Sheerin Emcee provides clear directives for attendees to create a fun, interactive experience!

Your event will run smoothly with Rachel Sheerin Emcee at the mic providing succinct captions and synopsis of presentations in between sessions – linking the content with your theme. Your audience will stay engaged as Rachel facilitates conversations and plays with professional improv comedy to keep attendees entertained and inject lightness and energy into your event.

Having rachel as your event emcee

  • Infuses your event with energy!
  • Set expectations clearly for the event and post-event activities
  • Keeps the timeline tight, making attendees and leaders happy
  • Creates inclusive environment with attention to pronouns, phrasing, and culture
  • Takes pressure off of your organization’s meeting planning team
  • Facilitate conversations – from panels to 1-on-1 interviews, town halls and more
  • Advocate for attendees, asking questions and following up in real-time conversations
  • Share follow up opportunities, post-event surveys, future events + networking

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