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As soon as Quinn opens her mouth you will quickly notice why she is an Emcee Extraordinaire. Quinn Conyers Emcee has over 17 years of in-person and virtual event hosting, moderating and professional facilitation experience. She has served as an engaging Event Emcee and Master Moderator for organizations such as Nike, TEDx, Black Speakers Network, […]

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As soon as Quinn opens her mouth you will quickly notice why she is an Emcee Extraordinaire. Quinn Conyers Emcee has over 17 years of in-person and virtual event hosting, moderating and professional facilitation experience.

She has served as an engaging Event Emcee and Master Moderator for organizations such as Nike, TEDx, Black Speakers Network, Maryland Public Television’s annual Women’s Conference, the Better Business Bureau, and the National Speakers Association (NSA) to name a few.

Quinn takes pride in transforming average events into EPIC experiences with her beautiful blend of energy, engagement, and excitement.

Her specialty includes hosting multi-day events by partnering with event planners who want their events to be mind-blowing and not boring!

If you are looking for an Emcee or Moderator to host your next Business, Tech, Leadership, Sales or Women’s event, Quinn Conyers would be a great extension of your events team.

The event world is crazy busy with multiple moving parts. It’s easy for an event to go from calm to chaotic in a matter of seconds.

Quinn Conyers Emcee

But what if you had an Event Emcee who could confidently fill in when needed, or effectively bring a crowd to life?

This is where Quinn shines!

Quinn enjoys making conference and convention planners look good!  Her ability to think quickly on her feet, fill in when needed or necessary in the event of a no-show speaker or tech issue makes her a joy to work with.

Her job is so much more than am Emcee, Moderator, or Mistress of Ceremony.

Quinn Conyers Emcee is the glue that holds your event together and ensures your conference or convention is not boring  but mind-blowing for multiple days.

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