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Duffy Fainer

  • San Diego, CA
  • Fees: 5,000 - 10,000
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About:  Duffy Fainer

Duffy Fainer is a professional interactive entertainer, based in San Diego. A two-time Olympic announcer and an aviation world record holder in skydiving, he set out to create a new benchmark for interactive entertainment.

He has succeeded in making a splash with such notable names as The Midway Museum, Extraordinary Event Meeting Planners, Uniglobe Meeting Planners, and Habitat For Humanity. Duffy has traveled worldwide specializing as a Corporate Stage Emcee, DJ Entertainer, Event Announcer, Game Show Host and Voice Talent.

He can act as your on-stage representative. Whether it’s welcoming attendees, presenting videos, hosting game shows, introducing speakers or recognizing award recipients, Duffy’s engaging style, positive attitude and smooth professional voice, keeps a refreshing pace and maintains audience attention and enthusiasm.

Duffy Fainer turned pro in 1981, and set out to create a new benchmark for interactive entertainment. He has succeeded in making some big names very happy. Ranging in talent from DJ to Corporate Stage Emcee, his services has contributed to many successful events on a broad world stage.

Duffy Fainer | Event #1 Emcee

Duffy’s effectiveness lies in his ability to fully invigorate the audience. He loves this work. Audiences can feel that sincerity, and will relax and focus. Through humor, leadership, and a positive attitude, he interacts with his guests and encourages participation.

A polished pro, Duffy will allow you to rest assured and confident that your meeting announcing and emcee needs will be handled professionally and effectively. You know how hectic things can be at the last second…Duffy stays organized and patient.

Duffy is comfortable with the pressures of producing a great show. As a two-time Olympic Games Announcer/ Producer, and a skydiving world record holder, Duffy Fainer accustomed to performing in demanding settings.

You get a proven Olympic Class performer, who knows how to produce in even the most high pressure, high stress working environments. A proven professional who doesn’t panic.

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