Edgar Perez

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  • Fees: $20,000 - $35,000

Tagline: Digital Innovation

Talent Highlights

  • Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Web3 and the Metaverse Keynote Speaker, Futurist and Author.
  • Edgar speaks worldwide in front of chief executive officers, senior managers and government officials who are looking for new ways to gain and maintain a competitive advantage through technology

Keynote Topics

The Next Evolution of the Internet

The Metaverse is where our digital and physical lives will converge. It will include a virtual world interacting with the physical world where we live, and create a robust economy that spans entertainment, commerce, education and work, while transforming long-standing industries such as finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

Today, many major companies are investing in the Metaverse, including social media giants like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Snap, gaming companies like Tencent, Roblox, Microsoft, and Epic Games, and hardware providers like Nvidia and TSMC.

Embrace the possibilities the Metaverse will bring to your organization during this fascinating session.

Long live Ethereum and CBDCs
The blockchain is considered a major technological revolution, but the rise of speculative cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ether, is an even more exciting development. This surge has attracted a new generation of crypto enthusiasts who see these currencies as the cash of the future.

Meanwhile, central banks and policymakers around the world are exploring ways to introduce Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Investing in cryptocurrencies now should be done with caution.

It is vital today to explore the potential of platforms like Ethereum or others that implement smart contracts, and to be prepared for the opportunities and challenges that will come with the widespread deployment of CBDCs.

Deep Learning
Deep Learning has enabled many practical applications of artificial intelligence in today’s organizations. It breaks down tasks in ways that make all kinds of machine aids seem possible, even likely. Applications such as driverless cars, image recognition, AI-generated art, and language models like ChatGPT, are all available today.

Organizations need to empower employees and accelerate their digital transformation strategies to embrace the future. Review in this session “state of the art” case studies from today’s global innovators such as OpenAI, Google, Baidu, Meta, Apple, and Tesla.

Web3 promises a better internet built on the blockchain. Its proponents claim it will eliminate middlemen, allowing users to transact directly and have a greater stake in the applications they use.

Companies like Meta, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter make money through advertising, but do not share any of it with users, who are supposed to be happy with likes! Web3 is supposed to give more power to end-users, but it is also being seen as a land grab by powerful people.

Some people question whether Web3 is just a rebranding of crypto with the aim of convincing people that blockchains are the natural next phase of computing.

This session will delve deeper into the true nature and potential of Web3.

Google has announced that their quantum computers, which are a new design for manipulating and processing information, have achieved “quantum supremacy.”

The Sycamore quantum processor of the technology giant was able to perform an incredibly complex task in 200 seconds, a feat that would take the world’s fastest supercomputers 10,000 years to complete.

The ultimate development and commercialization of this technology will greatly accelerate difficult tasks across all industries, including financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, space exploration, and simulations in the Metaverse.

Review today the future business applications of this revolutionary technology.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is referred to as the general ability of computers to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.

These processes include learning (the ability to improve performance based on experience), reasoning (the ability to understand complex concepts and make decisions), and self-correction.

Today’s review of the latest AI breakthroughs will help you understand how these advancements will impact businesses and society in the future and, specifically, how your company can use available resources to begin your digital transformation and solve previously unsolvable problems. AI is both the present and the future.

The Metaverse is the next iteration of the internet and will transform industries such as finance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, fitness, and more.

However, the technologies that enable the Metaverse, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 5G, and Artificial Intelligence, raise concerns about privacy and data security.

In immersive worlds, these technologies will collect data at a granular level, such as a person’s gait, eye movements, emotions, and more, putting greater pressure on existing safeguards.

Learn today about the strategies companies and governments are developing to safely welcome the Metaverse-shaped data economy.

Quantum Computing
Classical computing was invented in the 1940s, but the advent of Quantum Computing will make these computers appear painfully slow.

Calculations that would take longer than a human’s lifespan to complete on a classical computer can be done in a matter of minutes with quantum computing.

Additionally, it will enable solving problems that were previously unsolvable, such as efficiently simulating new drug molecules and dramatically reducing the time needed for complex financial calculations, among many others.

For optimization, sampling, or search problems, it promises more than just dramatic speedups. Learn how Quantum Computing will disrupt companies in every imaginable industry.

Managing the Upcoming Tsunami of Unstructured Data with Artificial Intelligence
The Internet of Things (IoT) explosion will see 75 billion devices deployed by 2025, generating a large volume of data that companies will need to digitalize.

Unfortunately, most firms only focus on the easy information they can get from structured data, while ignoring their unstructured data, which accounts for 90 percent of content generated globally. Unstructured data is a significant source of untapped value.

Artificial Intelligence is now making it possible and affordable to sift through and find meaning in vast amounts of unstructured data obtained from video, audio, emails, logs, social media posts, and IoT devices.

Learn how organizations can reap these benefits today.

The “Weakest Human Link” in Cybersecurity
Social engineering involves tricking your employees into breaching security protocols or giving away information. It exploits human weaknesses rather than technology, preying upon people’s propensity towards trust.

These exploits are often used to gather information for targeted cyberattacks, using the ‘little and often’ approach to avoid raising suspicion. Employees at all levels, including your senior executives, are vulnerable to these tactics.

Your organizations can protect itself better against social engineering and cyberattacks by improving employee awareness and introducing simple technical measures. Learn about the next steps in your cyber journey today.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way since its inception in the mid-20th century.

One of the most exciting and promising developments is Generative AI, a rapidly evolving field that focuses on teaching computers to create original content such as music, images, text, video, or protein structures.

Unlike traditional AI, where the focus is on classification, prediction, and optimization, Generative AI aims to enable machines to learn from patterns in data and then use that knowledge to create something entirely new.

The applications of Generative AI are vast and far-reaching, and its potential to revolutionize industries such as life sciences, fashion, design, healthcare, journalism, and music is significant.

Mr. Perez will inspire your team as he explores a future that we can experience today.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model designed to understand natural language and respond to user queries, providing human-like conversation in text form.

ChatGPT can be used to automate customer service, answer frequently asked questions, and gain insights from customer interactions; it can also be used to analyze large amounts of data and generate reports.

While ChatGPT is a machine, it was created by humans, and it has important implications for the relationship between humans and machines.

Mr. Perez will explore the ways in which ChatGPT blurs the line between human and machine, and what that means for the future of work and our relationship with technology.

Edgar Perez is one the world’s few business and technology visionaries who can light up a room with insightful and inspiring presentations on the impact of cutting-edge technologies, from 5G to Quantum Computing and from Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity to Web3 and the Metaverse. A published author and energetic keynote speaker, he is also an […]

Edgar Perez is one the world’s few business and technology visionaries who can light up a room with insightful and inspiring presentations on the impact of cutting-edge technologies, from 5G to Quantum Computing and from Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity to Web3 and the Metaverse.

A published author and energetic keynote speaker, he is also an international consultant affiliated with Ponemon Institute, Gerson Lehrman Group and Guidepoint Global Advisors.

Edgar Perez is author of Knightmare on Wall Street, The Rise and Fall of Knight Capital and the Biggest Risk for Financial Markets (2013), and The Speed Traders, An Insider’s Look at the New High-Frequency Trading Phenomenon That is Transforming the Investing World, published in English by McGraw-Hill Inc. (2011), 交易快手, published in Mandarin by China Financial Publishing House (2012), and Investasi Super Kilat, published in Bahasa Indonesia by Kompas Gramedia (2012). He contributes to The New York Times, Sina Finance and CGTN.

Mr. Perez has presented in front of thousands of top executives around the world through keynote speeches and both public and in-house corporate training programs in Beijing, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kiev, Kuala Lumpur, Lima, London, Miami, Naples Beach, New York, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Scott Air Force Base, Seoul, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Stockholm, Taipei, Warsaw, Washington DC and Zhongshan, among other business metropolises.

Edgar Perez | Digital Innovation

He has been interviewed on CNN, CGTN, CNBC, FOX Business, Bloomberg TV, BNN Bloomberg, Channel NewsAsia, CNN en Español, Petersburg – Channel 5, Sina Finance, CCTV China, China Radio International, Bankier.pl, TheStreet.com and Leaderonomics.

Edgar Perez has spoken at a number of global conferences, including Institutional Investor’s CEO Roundtable (Berlin) and Global Growth Markets Forum (London), Cyber Security World Conference (New York), Inside Market Data (Chicago), Emerging Markets Investments Summit (Warsaw), CME Group‘s Global Financial Leadership Conference (Naples Beach) and more.

Edgar Perez was a vice president at Citigroup, a senior consultant at IBM, and a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Co. Mr. Perez has an undergraduate degree in Systems Engineering from Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Lima, Peru (1994), a Master of Administration from Universidad ESAN, Lima, Peru (1997) and an MBA from Columbia Business School, New York, majoring in Finance and Management (2002).

He is an accomplished salsa and hustle dancer who gladly enjoys dancing with wife Olga, son Edgar Felipe and daughters Svetlana Sofia and Mary Olympia.

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