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Keynote Topics

Work vs Life : Forget about Balance!

This focuses on creative ways to enhance personal health, live with greater energy and focus on self preservation.

This motivating and practical keynote is for people trying to balance all the balls in the air at the same time- a successful career, healthy relationships and a meaningful life. This requires organizational skills, self-knowledge and most of all healthy life choices.

This workshop focuses on creative ways to enhance personal health, live with greater energy and focus on strategies for self preservation and to prevent burnout and plan their lives to enhance their personal health and their performance


Other Work-Life topics include:


Find your (elusive) balance
Having it all?  A woman’s guide to juggling

BEYOND SUCCESS – Strong Body, Resilient Brain
The science, secrets & strategies of body stamina and brain health

This course presents some of the recent exciting scientific and medical breakthroughs and how these impact on your stamina and performance. Discover how best to boost your immunity, retard ageing, build resilience and promote brain health.

Take home value:


Access new data , science and strategies
Gain insight into medical breakthroughs & the top  health trends such as neuroscience and neuroplasticity, the role of Vitamin D in immunity and telomeres in ageing.
Strengthening your  emotional resilience helps you to bounce back from adversity, thrive on challenge, reach your full potential and maintain a sustainable high performance
Your physical strength and neuroplastic brain can build mental and physical resilience. 


A woman’s blueprint for an extraordinary life

The presentation based on Dr Friedland’ first book ‘ SELF’, spells out a plan to take charge of six essential action areas in your life, namely: Empower: Take charge of your own life, your perceptions, your physical body, your self-image, your relationships, your time and especially your health Embrace: Learn to nurture yourself, instead of expecting nurturing from others Eat: Choose the right food for nutrition, pleasure and comfort Exercise: Choose and maintain the right exercise to maintain good health Energise: Find the correct balance of exercise, eating and stress relief techniques that works for you Enrich: Challenge and grow your spiritual muscle.



Other Inspirational keynotes include:

Living with Vitality, Passion & Purpose

Reclaiming energy and achieving balance in the midst of work chaos.

In the midst of work and life strain it is possible to implement a personal action plan that enhances energy, arrests stress and assists your body and mind to maintain equilibrium and wellbeing.  Our physical and mental energy becomes depleted by stress, anxiety and low mood. Using some of the techniques of resilience training, mindfulness and recharging your healthy pathways you can activate and upscale your energy levels and mental stamina. It also focuses on personal empowerment and the value of a collaborative supportive work environment.


Are you living with a time bomb?
Every year heart attack, stroke & cardiovascular complications claim the lives of millions of people. The incidence is even higher in highly ambitious, successful, hurried and stressed individuals.= Yet, contrary to popular belief, the risk of suffering this fate is preventable, largely due to understanding and altering our lifestyle triggers especially among high-risk individuals. Do you know your risk profile? And what are you doing about it? Over and above these risk factors, are your lifestyle habits accelerating this process?


Other Performance, Energy & Corporate Health keynotes include:

Fit is the new Rich

Science, Secrets & Strategies of body stamina & brain health

Turbo charge your energy

The New Performance Paradigm
Keep work from killing you!

Your performance in the workplace depends on your personal drive, your focus and determination, your pursuit of excellence, as well as your physical health.

It also depends on the level of support and collaboration.  With an unrelenting pace and demanding schedule, your energy levels drop and your stress levels may soar. You may become depleted and your performance at a physical and mental level deteriorates.

Without a system in place to recharge your physical and mental strength you are also at risk of becoming ill.

This presentation will address ways to overcome enormous fatigue and exhaustion by managing your stress and an approach to reclaim your personal power, passion and purpose.

A new paradigm of high performance, energy sustainability & wellbeing

The greatest threat to sustained performance and healthy engagement with work and beyond is not necessarily stress but rather depletion of energy and stamina. 

A new energy blueprint is required: one that activates and upscales your stamina, performance and mental clarity. An innovative and practical approach including optimising lifestyle and implementing best strategies is required to sustain health, mental wellbeing and performance. 

Regardless of your high level of performance there are those times where you cannot sustain the pace to keep performing at your peak.

You can expect to leave this presentation with comprehensive and accurate information and new data as well as innovative practical smart tools to optimise energy & personal health to maintain equilibrium and wellbeing. 

If there is one quality that we seek for our organisations, and ourselves it is a sustained high performance in the face of ever-increasing stress and rapid change.

One global study of 90,000 employees across 18 countries reveals that only one of every five employees feels energised and engaged at work.

Over 70% of us feel stressed- out, depleted and fatigued. In excess of a hundred studies have corroborated these findings affecting business performance. So where have we gone so wrong?

Women, Work and Performance

For women, the way we are working isn’t quite working. In reality ‘having it all’ as we have come to know it, is utterly exhausting.

We have prided ourselves in our capacity to do it all; raise a family, build a thriving career, maintain relationships and stay on top of it all.

The reality is that something always gets sacrificed. It is neither work nor the children but rather ourselves. The question always asked is Can we do it all? 

We should be asking another type of question entirely; How can we possibly do it differently?

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  • Perth, Australia

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Dr Linda Friedland is a international health expert, medical doctor, television personality, well-regarded international conference & keynote speaker and a best selling author. She is an authority on stress management, executive, corporate & women’s health issues. Dr Friedland consults internationally to healthcare, corporate and financial institutions on health & lifestyle interventions as well as emerging health […]

Dr Linda Friedland is a international health expert, medical doctor, television personality, well-regarded international conference & keynote speaker and a best selling author.

She is an authority on stress management, executive, corporate & women’s health issues.

Dr Friedland consults internationally to healthcare, corporate and financial institutions on health & lifestyle interventions as well as emerging health trends.

She is one of the highest rated international speakers for many global organisations and has spoken in more than 25 countries in the past few years.

Her television career includes several years as the medical expert for the South African Broadcasting Corporation award winning show -3 Talk and she was an anchor for a weekly TV medical show.

She is a feature writer for  many health and women’s publications, as well as the ‘Radio doctor’ (a weekly radio show broadcast across the African continent by channel Africa).

Dr Linda Friedland first three books ‘Self’ (2005) and ‘Having it all'(2008) and ‘Ultimate Guide to Women’s health'(2009)  have all  reached local bestseller sales.

Dr Linda Friedland | Wellness Speaker

Her newest book “Ultimate Guide to Health” will be launched in April 2011.

She is the director and founder of a global health, lifestyle & medical communications company.

Dr Linda Friedland delivers talks, designs & implements numerous health, lifestyle and illness prevention programs for corporations throughout Asia, US and the UK.

The mother of 5 children, Dr Linda Friedland – Health is listed as one of the 100 Who’s Who of South African women.

“A major cause of exhaustion and burnout is the relentless waste of energy on things that are beyond your control” – Dr Linda Friedland

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Living with Vitality, Passion & Purpose
Are you living with a time bomb?
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Living a frazzle free Life (Stress management)
Ageing with Attitude
A woman’s blueprint for an extraordinary life
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