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Talent Highlights

  • Brant Menswar is a best-selling author, named one of the country’s top speakers.
  • He’s helped more than 10,000 people discover their non-negotiable Black Sheep Values®.
  • He is certified in the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University and is on a mission to help organizations create a high-performing connected culture.
  • Past clients include Netflix, Verizon, Anthem, Microsoft, ESPN, Hilton, and more.

Keynote Topics

Harnessing the Power of Connection

Renowned culture expert and bestselling author, Brant Menswar, has delved into the minds of over 10,000 employees to uncover the secrets of building a resilient, adaptable, values-based culture. His extensive research, coupled with his experience helping top organizations like Microsoft, Netflix, and NASA improve employee satisfaction, has resulted in a comprehensive keynote on creating an unbreakable culture.

In this engaging presentation, Brant shares the insights gleaned from his research through real-life examples, powerful videos, and interactive exercises. Participants will discover the importance of knowing your non-negotiables in driving organizational performance and leave with actionable strategies for establishing an unbreakable culture within their own organization including:


  • The 5 Binding Values of an unbreakable culture.
  • How to discover your non-negotiables and use them to quickly pivot during times of change.
  • How to foster vulnerability and courage within your team.

How to Forge Deeper, More Meaningful Bonds with Clients and Co-Workers


In today’s new work landscape, it’s easy to feel disconnected and isolated. What if you could use the power of connection to create a stronger, more impactful network of relationships? In this high-energy, interactive keynote, you will learn the concept of “Influential Connection” and how to use it to create and receive more meaningful contributions while working with others. You will discover the importance of authentic communication, shared values, and deliberate intention in creating the optimum collaborative environment. You will walk away with practical tips and strategies for building and maintaining these relationships in your own life. Unleash the power of Influential Connection and create a more meaningful and fulfilling life at work and home.


Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the 3 Drivers of Influence and how to improve them.
  • How to bridge the “Values Gap” for maximum impact.
  • How to go beyond “Trusted Advisor” to “Indispensable Partner.”

Transforming Your Business from the Inside Out

When we have strong connections with others, a clear sense of purpose, and understand the (super) power we bring to the table, we are able to forge deeper, more meaningful bonds with co-workers and clients. A connected culture is more resilient, collaborative and productive. In the award-winning movie “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once,” we witnessed how harnessing the power of connection can unlock our true potential. While the multiverse fantasy stretched our imagination, the truth of feeling like we are responsible for everything, everywhere, all at once at work is an all-too-common theme that can lead to frustration and failure. Having a strong, healthy connected network is one of the most powerful ways to manage your personal multiverse. What is the root of connection? What are the key factors that allow us to strongly connect with others? Who should we be investing our time to connect with?


In this powerful, high-energy keynote, best-selling author and connection expert, Brant Menswar, reveals the three essential elements of connection and the extraordinary impact it can have within your organization. Based on years of research of what matters most to us, this insightful session is filled with moving video, relevant data and audience participation. You will walk away with knowing how to:


  • Align Your Network – Time is our most valuable resource, and it’s essential to invest it in the right places.
  • Discovering Your Core Values/Purpose – Having a clear sense of your values and purpose is essential to understanding how to connect with others.
  • Activating Your (Super)Power – Knowing exactly how to use what matters most to you to foster the strongest connections.


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Travels From:

  • Senoia, GA

Fee Range:

  • Fees: $20,000 - $35,000



Video 1

Brant Menswar, the founder of Black Sheep Foundry LLC, is undeniably one of these extraordinary individuals. With a compelling story of innovation, determination, and a unique approach to leadership, Menswar has made a significant impact not only on the business world but also in the lives of those he has touched.

Brant Menswar, the founder of Black Sheep Foundry LLC, is undeniably one of these extraordinary individuals. With a compelling story of innovation, determination, and a unique approach to leadership, Menswar has made a significant impact not only on the business world but also in the lives of those he has touched. This speaking profile delves into the remarkable journey of Brant Menswar, highlighting his entrepreneurial spirit, his innovative approach to leadership, and the impact he has had on both individuals and organizations.

The Genesis of Black Sheep Foundry LLC

Black Sheep Foundry LLC is a testament to Brant Menswar’s innovative spirit and his unwavering commitment to helping individuals and organizations find their purpose and create lasting change. Founded in [year], the company quickly gained recognition for its distinctive approach to leadership development and organizational transformation.

The core philosophy of Black Sheep Foundry revolves around the idea of embracing one’s inner “black sheep.” Menswar believes that everyone has unique qualities that can be harnessed to drive success. By identifying and nurturing these distinctive qualities, individuals can achieve their full potential, ultimately leading to the success of their organizations.

Menswar’s journey to founding Black Sheep Foundry was not a straightforward one. He encountered his fair share of challenges and setbacks along the way, but his unwavering belief in his vision and the power of embracing one’s individuality allowed him to persevere and bring his unique approach to the forefront of the business world.

Brant Menswar | Organizational Culture

Embracing the Black Sheep Mentality

At the heart of Black Sheep Foundry’s philosophy is the concept of embracing one’s inner “black sheep.” But what exactly does this term mean, and how has Menswar incorporated it into his leadership and organizational strategies?

The “black sheep” mentality, as championed by Menswar, is a call to authenticity and individuality. It encourages people to shed societal expectations and norms, allowing their true selves to shine through. In the business world, this translates into leaders and employees recognizing and celebrating their unique strengths and talents rather than conforming to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Menswar’s emphasis on embracing the “black sheep” mentality has transformed the way businesses approach leadership development and organizational culture. By fostering an environment where individuality is celebrated and leveraged, companies can unlock the full potential of their teams, ultimately driving innovation, creativity, and success.

Unconventional Leadership Strategies

Brant Menswar’s leadership style is characterized by its unconventionality. He challenges traditional management and leadership norms by advocating for a more human-centric approach. Through his leadership, Menswar seeks to create environments where employees feel valued, inspired, and motivated to excel.

One of the key elements of Menswar’s leadership strategy is his focus on empathy and compassion. He believes that leaders should prioritize understanding and supporting their team members on a personal level. By demonstrating genuine care for the well-being and growth of each individual, leaders can cultivate a strong sense of belonging and commitment within the organization.

Furthermore, Menswar encourages leaders to be vulnerable and open about their own challenges and imperfections. He believes that this transparency fosters trust and creates a safe space for open communication and growth. This willingness to share personal experiences and struggles is a cornerstone of Menswar’s leadership style, setting him apart from traditional leaders.

The Impact on Individuals

The impact of Brant Menswar’s leadership and the philosophy of embracing the “black sheep” mentality extends far beyond the business world. Individuals who have had the opportunity to work with Menswar or have been inspired by his teachings often report transformative personal experiences.

Menswar’s emphasis on authenticity and self-discovery resonates deeply with those who seek to live more meaningful and purposeful lives. His message encourages people to embrace their unique qualities and pursue their passions. Many individuals have found the courage to step outside their comfort zones, follow their dreams, and pursue their passions, thanks to Menswar’s guidance and inspiration.

Through various workshops, coaching sessions, and speaking engagements, Menswar has helped countless individuals tap into their inner “black sheep.” His commitment to empowering people to live their best lives has left an indelible mark on those who have had the privilege of learning from him.

Transformation in Organizations

The impact of Brant Menswar’s work is not limited to individuals; it extends to organizations as well. By implementing the principles of the “black sheep” mentality and Menswar’s innovative leadership strategies, many companies have undergone significant transformations.

One notable aspect of this transformation is the improvement in organizational culture. By creating environments where authenticity, diversity, and inclusivity are celebrated, companies have experienced increased employee engagement and satisfaction. Employees feel more connected to the company’s mission and values, leading to enhanced productivity and loyalty.

Moreover, organizations have reported notable improvements in innovation and problem-solving. By encouraging employees to embrace their individuality and unique strengths, businesses have unlocked new avenues for creativity and fresh perspectives, ultimately driving growth and success.

In a world where employee retention and satisfaction are critical, Menswar’s impact on organizational culture and leadership development cannot be overstated. His teachings have empowered companies to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

The Global Reach of Brant Menswar

Brant Menswar’s influence and reach extend beyond the borders of the United States. His inspirational speaking engagements and workshops have reached a global audience, touching the lives of individuals and organizations worldwide. Menswar’s message of embracing the “black sheep” mentality, coupled with his unique leadership philosophy, has transcended cultural boundaries and resonated with people from diverse backgrounds.

Through various forms of media, including podcasts, books, and online courses, Menswar has been able to share his message with a wide and diverse audience. His impact is not limited to a specific industry or demographic; rather, it is a testament to the universal appeal of his transformative ideas.


Brant Menswar’s journey as the founder of Black Sheep Foundry LLC is a remarkable testament to the power of embracing individuality and authenticity. His philosophy of the “black sheep” mentality and innovative leadership strategies have left an indelible mark on both individuals and organizations. By encouraging people to be their authentic selves, Menswar has empowered them to achieve personal and professional success.

As Menswar’s influence continues to expand on a global scale, it is clear that his unique approach to leadership and personal development will continue to shape the way we think about business, leadership, and the pursuit of purpose. Through his unwavering commitment to helping others unlock their full potential, Brant Menswar stands as a true visionary in the world of entrepreneurship and leadership.

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